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The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

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Tiktok influencer Nessa Barretts newest album young forever released on Oct. 14. In the album, Barrett wrestles with themes of suicide and depression.

TikTok influencer Nessa Barrett opens up about mental health struggles with her debut album “young forever”

Srishreya (Shreya) Arunsaravanakumar, Opinions Editor November 19, 2022

Warning: Sensitive topics such as suicide, mental health struggles and disorders are mentioned in this article. It’s not new for an influencer to venture into different industries to broaden their...

Album cover of Sigh’s latest album “Shiki,” a representation of an ancient Japanese poem about the death of cherry blossom trees.

Sigh returns to beastly and harrowing perfection on their newest album “Shiki”

Samuel (Sammy) Minioza, Opinions Editor October 17, 2022

There’s a common litmus test in music circles. The question is simple: What’s your favorite metal album? If their answer is Tool, Mastodon, Judas Priest or some other obscure metal band your average...

Album cover of BASTARDA’s latest album “Tamoj,” where a headless girl stands at the intersection of bleak snow and somber fields, defining features of eastern Europe.

BASTARDA continues to build their dynamic and explosive legacy on “Tamoj”

Samuel (Sammy) Minioza October 12, 2022

When’s the last time you listened to a foreign language album? For most people it might be years, or maybe never. Foreign albums, simply due to the language barrier, are often seen as inaccessible....

Album cover of JID’s latest album “The Forever Story,” depicting JID at the center of violence, religion, drugs and sex.

JID breathes life into Atlanta hip hop in his masterpiece “The Forever Story”

Samuel (Sammy) Minioza October 10, 2022

In the hip hop world, there is a great divide. The “popular” and the “conscious.” It divides artists like Kendrick Lamar and Drake, Migos and Lupe Fiasco, SOBxRE and The Koreatown Oddity. The question...

5 Seconds of Summer’s fifth album “5SOS5” is an emotionally diverse record portraying the band’s growth and creative maturation

5 Seconds of Summer redefine themselves on fifth record

Lauren Chen, Editor-in-Chief October 4, 2022

For years, 5 Seconds of Summer’s career has been defined by others. But on “5SOS5,” their first independently released LP, the band takes full control in their most ambitious project to date. With...

Illustration of Charli XCX on the left wearing a black dress with arm muffs, SOPHIE in the middle wearing a rainbow fluffy dress, and Rosalia in the right with her signature ponytails, helmet, and a red dress.

Female artists lead music into the future through experimental pop

Lauren Chen and Tanvi Rao May 23, 2022

Experimental pop, inherently, cannot be defined. Also called avant-pop and including genres as diverse as glitchcore and art pop, the term is usually meant to describe music that deviates from common song...

Indie music from India represents a wide variety of genres and messages

Five indie artists from India that you should know

Riya Mehta, Multimedia Editor March 2, 2021

While independent artists have been on the rise in recent years, aspiring artists in the genre are yet to receive the recognition they deserve. Because of this, I have compiled a short list of independent...

5 Artists You Should Know: Women of country edition

5 Artists You Should Know: Women of country edition

Harshita Neralla, Social Media Editor May 24, 2019

Maddie & Tae This country duo soared through the country charts with their debut single “Girl In A Country Song,” making them the third female country duo to reach #1 on the billboards Country...

5 Artists You Should Know: Local edition

Harshita Neralla, Social Media Editor April 12, 2019

1) The Singer and The Songwriter Blending jazz, folk and pop, Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran form the profound duo The Singer and The Songwriter. Their folk influences often shine through in deep cuts like...

3 Artists You Should Know: Women’s History Month edition

Harshita Neralla, Social Media Editor March 29, 2019

1) The Go-Gos Gaining fame in the early '80s, The Go-Go’s became an immediate influence to many punk-rock girls. From their catchy hooks in “How Much More” to shredding vocals in “Lust To Love,”...

Lakshitha Sasikumar brings a poignant style into the R&B world.

3 Artists You Should Know: DV edition

Harshita Neralla, Social Media Editor February 7, 2019

Dougherty’s ever-growing population exhibits a wide range of talent. From the engrossing productions of the theatre program to the determined athletes, we find ourselves amongst students with ambition...

5 Artists You Should Know: Alternative rock edition

5 Artists You Should Know: Alternative rock edition

Harshita Neralla, Social Media Editor December 9, 2018

1) Paradise Fears Wendy Day // Wikimedia Commons Shelving this band in one genre seems difficult; their eccentric discography follows a myriad of genres like rock, pop, folk and even at times jazz....

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