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The COVID-19 pandemic changed many lives in previously unimaginable ways

A day in the life of a quarantined student

Shereen Ahmed, Opinions Editor April 26, 2021

April  2020 10:00 AM: Sleeping 11:00 AM: Gets out of bed to go to office hours for AP Bio 12:00 PM: Brushes teeth and showers 1:00 PM: Gets a package from Amazon, but leaves it outside. Too...

How to become an actor in 2021

Riya Mehta, Multimedia Editor February 5, 2021
Want to become an actor? Skip the lengthy process of grilling performance technique practice, years of schooling, and the struggle to find a decent agent with these quick and easy steps!
War On Christmas

War On Christmas

Ananda Mayuri Chakkenchath and Aaron Yang December 25, 2020

I recently went to the grocery store to buy barley and slaves. When I went to the checkout, something shocking happened. The cashier had the audacity to say to me, “Happy Holidays!” It is utterly preposterous...

Christmas icon, Santa Claus, is not the holly, jolly grandpa everyone thinks he is

Christmas icon, Santa Claus, is not the holly, jolly grandpa everyone thinks he is

Ashley Lee and Leanne Park December 22, 2020

Santa Claus, a famous Christmas icon to children, was accused of several felonies including trespassing, stealing, stalking and surprisingly, tax fraud on Dec. 25, 2020. Claus, who is also known as a gift-giver,...

Milk must always come first for non-soggy cereal.

Join us at 7:30 to see which candidate is winning the cumbersome race of milk or cereal first

Shereen Ahmed and Ashley Lee November 10, 2020

“Hello and welcome all to our first ‘Debate which everyone will laugh at but we will pretend we are serious.’ I am Tony Iron Bran going to be conducting this evening debate. Before we get started...

Crafting the perfect Canva infographic

Crafting the perfect Canva infographic

Lauren Chen, Managing Editor October 2, 2020

A day in the life of a Dougherty student

Anika Garg, Harshita Neralla, and Steven Deng March 12, 2020

4:45 a.m. Wake up for morning practice. Grind never stops.  7:00 a.m. Go home, exhausted after an intense practice, while you eat your College Board-subsidized cereal. Before you leave, you stand in...

Millions protest in first annual Boomer March

Vivian Kuang, Public Relations Editor January 4, 2020

In one of the biggest demonstrations in the U.S. since the Women’s March, 2.2 million protestors took to the streets on Dec. 15 to participate in the Boomer March for elder rights. Boomer Marches...

12 days of gift giving

Mahika Arya, Lauren Chen, and Shruthi Narayanan December 21, 2019

Day 1: An industrial sized box of tissues and a punching bag. It’s high school, you’ll probably need at least one of these things at some point.   Day 2: Make your friends trendy by giving...

Things we wish we could satirize (but can’t, because they’re real)

Vivian Kuang, Lauren Chen, and Drishti Upadhyaya December 20, 2019

NBC Miami: “Southwest Florida Man Caught on Camera Breaking Into Cars as Pants Fall Down” “Victims say the man was able to get away with spare change, pills and a lighter from the cars he got...

Boss Baby takes action

Boss Baby takes action

Sumukh Cadpakar May 19, 2019

Taking shots at former vice president and 2020 contender Joe Biden, Trump said, “They are all making me look young both in terms of age and, I think, in terms of energy ... I think you people...

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