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My Lola and Lolo (Grandmother and Grandfather in Tagalog) sitting with my Dad and Uncle in Hong Kong after leaving the Philippines to flee martial law. That would be one of the last times they were in the Philippines for the rest of their lives.

What It’s like to Grow up White

Samuel Minioza June 12, 2021

I’m white. For anyone who’s looked at me before, that sounds almost like a ridiculous statement. My skin is tan, my nose is flat and I have almond shaped eyes. For even someone who’s heard of...

When people feel lost and confused in this world, everything starts to look the same.

And the world turned upside down

Akilesh Kale, Copy Editor June 3, 2021

“If I look at the mass I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.”- Mother Teresa In the spring of 2020, my life and the lives of many other students changed irrevocably when the COVID-19 pandemic...

A number of Hindus have protested against their representation in the academia and advocate for fair treatment.

Hinduism remains misrepresented in academia despite protests

Soham Kinhikar and Amrita Himmatraopet May 28, 2021

As an American Hindu growing up in the United States, my faith and my identity have gone hand in hand. Living in San Ramon, and seeing hundreds of other kids who are like me has definitely helped me feel...

Queerbaiting ensures shows gain fans without losing them and furthers the lack of meaningful LGBTQ+ representation in today’s media.

Queerbaiting hooks viewers for the wrong reasons

Aria Khalique, Multimedia Editor May 24, 2021

“Cas, not for nothing but the last person that looked at me like that, I got laid” -Dean Winchester to Castiel (Supernatural). This provocative quote is just one of countless examples of queerbaiting...

The underestimated addiction that you and I face

Sarasvati Satyanarayana, Staff Writer May 4, 2021

When was the last time you looked out the window? Or left your house not because you had to, but to go on a walk? It’s possible that you haven't done either of these things in a while. For the average...

America has a problem with systemic inequities, especially when it comes to those in marginalized communities. The true crime scene is no exception.

True crime genre reflects similar systemic inequities of America: varying perspectives and stories

Daniela Wise-Rojas and Shereen Ahmed May 4, 2021

TW: This article contains mentions of violent crimes and graphic content that may be disturbing for some. Reader discretion is advised.  Media consumes everyday life from every angle: social media,...

Biden's proposals of environmental justice fail to meet the need of the world's current climate crisis.

Biden’s Climate Plans Running Low on Fuel

Hannah Wang and Owen Spargo May 3, 2021

With such a rapid change in policy from the far-right Trump to the moderate Biden administration, since his inauguration, Biden has implemented climate-aimed spending plans that represent a genuine step...

Homework should have a completion grade

Aatif Ahmed, Staff Writer April 29, 2021

All homework assigned by teachers should have a completion grade. A completion grade is a grade assigned to students if they have completed the assignment. This grade does not consider the amount of...

Completion points result in grades less reflective of student understanding

Sneha Cheenath, Managing Editor April 29, 2021

In education, there are many different theories on the best way to help students learn. However, there is a consensus that the overall goal of grades is to communicate the extent to which students have...

With the start of the pandemic, the four walls around us made us feel the most at home.

Why our rooms are our safe spaces

Owen Spargo and Ananda Mayuri Chakkenchath April 26, 2021

March 13 known as the day when our worlds were turned upside down, initially seemed like any other day. In fact, after school ended, we FaceTimed each other talking about how excited we were to get an...

Continuing the Conversation: Students shouldn’t feel pressured to be involved in politics

Continuing the Conversation: Students shouldn’t feel pressured to be involved in politics

Caroline Lobel, Editor in Chief April 16, 2021

Dear Reader, Over the summer, at the peak of the BLM movement, I distinctly remember one post being circulated that read something along the lines of “If you’re not into politics, then you’re...

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