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The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

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The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

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Aging is viewed stereotypically by society.

Subject to Change: The facade of forever youth

Srishreya (Shreya) Arunsaravanakumar, Opinions Editor November 15, 2023

Dear Reader, Crow’s feet and laugh lines - both concerns most teenagers don’t have. The idea of aging has always seemed like a distant, almost irrelevant notion. It was a concept meant for some...

My memory box for senior year.

Snapshots of senior year: for the record

Abigail Kapur November 14, 2023

Dear reader, I’m not usually forgetful. I never lose my water bottle, and I’ve managed to make it through this year without leaving my things behind in my classes. But outside of tangible items, I...

A love letter to french toast and self-care

Love Letters: French toast and finding time for ourselves

Tanvi Rao, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 12, 2023

Dear reader, I love French toast. The recipe is a comforting ritual: one egg, half a cup of milk, a touch of brown sugar, a dash of vanilla, cinnamon to taste and four slices of brioche bread. It’s...

In a world hurtling towards modernity at breakneck speed, who better to entrust with solving the complexities of our country than those born in the tranquil and timeless era of the 1940s?

Subject to Change: I swear I can run this country!

Srishreya (Shreya) Arunsaravanakumar, Opinions Editor October 4, 2023

Dear Reader,  Imagine being 80 years old, comfortably seated in a retirement home, engaged in a spirited game of Scrabble with your dear friends. Suddenly, a groundbreaking idea surges through your...

I eat peanut butter toast with banana slices every morning before my run.

Snapshots of senior year: from the beginning

Abigail Kapur October 2, 2023

Dear reader, We all have our soothing routines or traditions: some people wear the same socks for each game or bring lucky charms to tests. For me, it’s breakfast.  I eat peanut butter toast with...

​​Taking comfort in our connections with people around us is what makes the magic shop really magical

Entering the Magic Shop

Mayukhi Katragadda, Managing Editor October 2, 2023

Dear Reader,  Welcome to the Magic Shop! You can get anything here: good grades, perfect body, infinite wealth, anything you want! Trade your shortcomings and insecurities for what you truly desire...

Technological growth has impacted the next generation of toddlers to an unprecedented extent.

Subject to Change: Tech and toddlers

Srishreya (Shreya) Arunsaravanakumar, Opinions Editor April 30, 2023

Dear Reader,  As a current teenager, I have seen firsthand how technology has affected modern life. It’s not uncommon to go to a restaurant and see toddlers watching Cocomelon on a tablet instead...

As hate toward vegetarian diets increases, its essential to question the effectivity of them.

Subject to Change: Questioning vegans

Srishreya (Shreya) Arunsaravanakumar, Opinions Editor April 16, 2023

Dear reader,  Recently, I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and I saw a video from YouTuber beenoftheweek with the Vegan Teacher that piqued my interest. For those of you who haven’t been on...

Self-pressure places us in a constant state of chasing perfection  in our academic pursuits.

Subject to Change: Self-pressurization comes at the cost of our sanity

Srishreya (Shreya) Arunsaravanakumar, Opinions Editor March 29, 2023

Dear Reader, Picture this: bright-colored papers adorn the hands of DV students. You quickly glance over your friend’s shoulder to see what course titles fill their course selection forms. “AP”...

Shopping for more than you need harms the planet, and ultimately this overconsumption becomes unsatisfying as well.

Subject to Change: Overconsumption is how we’re slowly murdering our home

Srishreya (Shreya) Arunsaravanakumar, Opinions Editor February 1, 2023

Do you have a drawer filled with things that you never use? Maybe you have a section of your closet with clothes you wore once and will possibly never wear again. Perhaps you're looking for the “next...

Desensitization to negative information is very dangerous as we become indifferent to terrible events.

Subject to Change: Desensitization is the death of humanity

Srishreya (Shreya) Arunsaravanakumar, Opinions Editor December 9, 2022

Dear reader,  Blood on concrete. Urgent news reports. Flowers on a grave. A spilled tear or two. Our hope towards a better, brighter future. Thoughts and prayers for a brief week. Then, headlines will...

Uncertainty towards the future is normal, even in a fast-paced reality.

Subject to Change: Accepting growth at all stages

Srishreya (Shreya) Arunsaravanakumar, Opinions Editor November 13, 2022

Dear reader,  Almost every adult I meet: my parents’ colleagues, my teachers and even my nextdoor neighbors ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer is classic, “I want...

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