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Continuing the Conversation: Students shouldn’t feel pressured to be involved in politics

Continuing the Conversation: Students shouldn’t feel pressured to be involved in politics

Caroline Lobel, Editor in Chief April 16, 2021

Dear Reader, Over the summer, at the peak of the BLM movement, I distinctly remember one post being circulated that read something along the lines of “If you’re not into politics, then you’re...

Being biracial isn’t always as great as it seems. Most of the time, it’s an ongoing identity crisis where you’re stuck floating between identities.

Continuing the Conversation: …to floating between identities…

Caroline Lobel, Editor in Chief October 27, 2020

As a current high school senior, I’ve since begun the arduous process of filling out college applications. Perhaps one of the most difficult questions for me to answer isn’t a writing prompt, but rather...

Caroline Lobel continues the Editor-in-Chief tradition of writing a personal column as she introduces her own: Continuing the Conversation.

Continuing the Conversation: from the beginning…

Caroline Lobel, Editor in Chief September 14, 2020

Dear Reader, A wise animated rat by the name of Remy once said, "[Humans] don't just survive; they discover; they create.” Well, this column is my attempt to create something (emphasis on “attempt”)...

The fanciful illusion of astrology

The fanciful illusion of astrology

Sraavya Sambara, Editor-in-Chief March 24, 2020

According to the acclaimed astrology app Co-Star, I’m having “trouble with my spirituality.” And, considering that I joined Co-Star mainly to make a point, that’s probably true. Astrology has...

The splintering illusion of “celebrity”

The splintering illusion of “celebrity”

Sraavya Sambara, Editor-in-Chief February 25, 2020

Dear Reader, I find it wildly ironic when a celebrity gives an interview in which they scorn the concept of “celebrity.” In the classic era of “Old Hollywood,” “celebrity” was, if not...

The illusion of inclusivity marketing hides a history of corporate deceit.

The illusion of inclusive marketing

Sraavya Sambara, Editor-in-Chief December 1, 2019

Dear Reader,   There’s this one store in the San Ramon City Center that I’ve told all of my friends about. It’s this impossibly stylish clothing store, owned by an ex-supermodel, with...

Illusions and Ironies: an introduction

Sraavya Sambara, Editor-in-Chief October 8, 2019

Dear Reader,    Sometimes I feel like I’m locked in a room of fun-house mirrors and the only way I can stop dissecting myself is if I close my eyes. I loom out in front of myself in odd proportions...

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