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Dougherty Valley should embrace more female authors

Margaret Atwood, Zora Neale Hurston and Virginia Woolf remain icons in literature.

Sneha Cheenath, Managing Editor

April 27, 2020

Dougherty’s English department has made many efforts to widen the voice of minority authors through their book selection. Books such as “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah and “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie have recently been introduced into the curriculum as a part o...

Historical simulations bring real-life tension into classrooms

Vivian Kuang and Kavin Kumaravel

February 13, 2020

In social studies classrooms around the nation, students are assigned to participate in debates or simulation activities touching on sensitive subjects.  Despite controversy, many teachers pursue simulations to help students understand the experience of living through historical atrocities and to impart k...

Commercialization of summer programs excludes low-income students

Jade Wang, Opinions Editor

February 9, 2020

Last summer I spent three weeks in downtown Boston with more than 500 students on the scattered campus of Emerson College, researching and debating for 12 hours a day at one of the most popular speech and debate camps in the country — the National Debate Forum (NDF).  But the heavy price tag of going to that cam...

Academia: it’s time to “write” the way

Riya Bindlish, Features Editor

January 12, 2020

Literature held to the highest esteem is that which portrays characteristics of concision while simultaneously maintaining brevity. In other words, the best writing is clear and to-the-point.  When I first started reading lengthy research reports, I was amazed (and simultaneously confused) at th...

Changing the stigma around “bad” grades

Caroline Lobel, Editor in Chief

December 7, 2019

We’ve all experienced the heartbreaking moment when we fall short of our academic goals even when we’ve worked our hardest. It feels bad — but here’s why it shouldn’t. If you’re like me and are below the Dougherty Valley average of straight A’s and taking all weighted classes, don’t wor...

What is the value of a grade?

Daniela Wise, Social Media Editor

December 5, 2019

“Did you see? The test was posted!” Such a phrase is all too common in the hallways of Dougherty. Students stop their conversations with eyes wide open, fumble to unlock their phone, and open School Loop in anticipation. “OMG I got a 90, hallelujah!” exclaims one, while another says, “I got a ...

Where you go to college does matter, but not for the reason that you think

Rachel Decker, Adviser

November 19, 2019

Yesterday, one of my editor-in-chiefs sighed, exasperated. “I’m tired of people telling me it doesn’t matter where I’ll go to college, that wherever I go, I’ll end up happy! It does matter!” Her defeated look saddened me.  I initially disagreed, as I’ve often said that to hundreds of ...

History textbooks tell a skewed story

Sneha Cheenath, Managing Editor

November 6, 2019

History classes have the unique ability to affect the belief systems of an entire nation. They are key in establishing cultural sensitivity and bridging the gap between the past and the present.  However, it is impossible for history to be portrayed in an unbiased manner. History is sourced and ...

Relearning how to learn

Sarah Kim and Michael Han

October 19, 2019

“Will this be graded?”  Whenever a teacher distributes an assignment, there’s inevitably one student who will ask. Don’t deny it; even if you aren’t usually the one asking, you’ve totally been that kid who not-so-subtly paused their work to catch the answer. After all, it is a matter of gr...

Overcoming the problems with the American K-12 school system

Overcoming the problems with the American K-12 school system

Shruthi Narayanan, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

October 16, 2019

Along with crisp, golden-brown leaves and the final goodbyes to summer comes yet another school year filled with homework, tests, and most of all, lots of lectures with at least 20 other students. While we have used the same school system for decades, we have failed to adapt it with the modern day. ...

Streetwear clothing reigns supreme in high school halls: the materialistic mindset of teenagers

Streetwear clothing reigns supreme in high school halls: the materialistic mindset of teenagers

Riya Mehta and Helen Kang

October 2, 2019

Although considered “street” wear clothing, skateboard brands such as Supreme, Vans, and Champion have found their way into Dougherty halls. Designed for comfort yet fashionable to say the least, these trendy pieces of clothing have raised their prices to match designer brands such as Gucci, causing t...

September 11, 2001: Who controls the narrative?

For many TK-12 schools in U.S., including DVHS, simplistic activities such as watching film and reading texts have become the norm for memorial studies on 9/11.

Chilsea Wang and Micol Zhai

October 2, 2019

18 years ago, two towers came crashing down. 17 years ago, a never-ending stream of drone missiles began to rain down on the Middle East. As of today, millions of innocent civilians are dead in the name of false peace. Seven years ago I was in a certain teacher’s sixth grade Core class. During the ...

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