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2017-2018 Staff

Amanda Su


Amanda joined the Tribune in her sophomore year because she wants to pursue journalism as a career and loves telling stories. In her sophomore year, Amanda was a Student Life Editor and was promoted to...

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Armaan Rashid


Armaan joined this class because his friend told him it was fun. He didn't take it too seriously at first, but... his first year he became super interested in the class, and was Assistant A&E Editor. Later on he w...

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Elisa Fang

Managing Editor

Elisa joined the Tribune in freshman year, where her little idiot self thought one needed to have seven classes. Journalism turned out to be one of the best things to happen to her, however, and she is now a strong advocate for usi...

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Anumita Jain

Managing Web Editor

Anumita is currently in her third year in Journalism, and her second as Managing Web Editor. She joined Journalism because the name of the class sounded cool. Anumita urges readers of this staff bio to...

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Sasha Hassan

News Editor

Sasha joined the Tribune after being in her middle school newspaper for two years and she enjoys writing. This is her third year in Journalism, having previously served as the A&E copy editor and page editor. She enjoys b...

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Taylor Atienza

News Editor

Taylor joined the Tribune so that she could diversify her writing and meet new people. She also wants to bring awareness to important issues in today's society. She joined the club in freshman year before enrolling in the clas...

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Brandon Shi

Opinions Editor

Brandon is currently enjoying his second year in Journalism. He joined the Tribune because he places value on student journalism and the power of writing. Brandon has one year of experience in the Wildcat Tribune club and one ...

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Megan Tsang

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Megan wanted an opportunity to write and learn more about the people on campus. She is in her third year working for the paper, and her second year in the class. She is a proud southpaw and has a twin brother. ...

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Kavin Kumaravel

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Kavin really enjoys writing for Journalism and finds it to be a very rewarding experience. He wrote for the Tribune last year and primarily wrote music reviews and profiles on new teachers. Kavin enjoys watching Avatar: The L...

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Ronit Kumar

Sports Editor

Ronit joined Journalism because he wanted to improve his writing skills and vocabulary. He has one year of experience writing articles and editing the sports page for the Wildcat Tribune. He has entered...

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Vikram Balasubramanian

Satire Editor

Writing for the Wildcat Tribune is liberating, fun, and an amazing experience. Vikram joined to get the chance to share ideas. He has been in the class for two years. He started the Wildcat Tribune Satire Section. ...

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Elaine Park

Arts and Graphics Editor

Elaine joined the Tribune to learn more about writing and working in a group. She wanted an experience as a "journalist" with writing articles and taking pictures. This is her first year in Journalism. She...

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Sarah Kim

Arts and Graphics Editor

Sarah joined Journalism because she has an interest in learning more about the things happening around the planet she lives on and she likes to write and wants to grow on her writing skills by practicing...

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Skyler Spears

Photography Editor

Skyler joined the Wildcat Tribune for the opportunity to voice her opinion on issues and topics important to her. Journalism provides the chance to learn new things about the world and the community around her while improving h...

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Miguel Dickenson

Assistant Opinions and Sports Editor

Miguel has always been interested in writing and similarly, in reporting and the Wildcat Tribune is a medium by which he can exercise both activities in a practical and engaging way. Back in middle school,...

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Harmonie Yacob

Assistant Photography Editor

Harmonie joined the Tribune because she took it last year and loved it and couldn't wait to gain more skills again this year! She did it last year and had to return this year or else she would miss out....

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Anika Garg

Copy Editor

She joined the Tribune because she enjoys working with her peers to share ideas and unique perspectives on world events with other students. She was a staff writer for the Tribune last year. She is a glazed donut hole. ...

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Daniel Shen

Copy Editor

To Daniel, being a newspaper editor means dedicating time towards research on special topics so that a unique idea can be emphasized. He joined the Tribune because he wants to learn more about current...

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Riya Bindlish

Copy Editor

Riya LOVES writing and discussing current issues, as she also loves debating. In addition, she thinks there are a lot of article ideas that she has that she wants to share! She also likes taking pictures,...

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Sraavya Sambara

Copy Editor

Sraavya joined the Tribune to write about important current issues that the people of Dougherty Valley need to know about. She believes that all opinions and controversies should be discussed and written...

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Maitri Parikh

Social Media Editor

Maitri joined the Tribune to gain more experience with writing, challenge herself and meet other people with the passion for writing. Maitri is currently in her second year on the Tribune staff. Maitri is an avid traveler who es...

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Amruta Baradwaj

Activities Director

Amruta joined the Tribune because she enjoys using writing as way to express her views and inform the public about important topics and current events. This is her second year on the Tribune staff. She can sing the opening of...

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Aisha Khandelwal

Staff Writer

Aisha Khandelwal is a sophomore and is new this year to the Wildcat Tribune. She joined the Tribune to become more involved with the school as well as to expand her writing abilities. Aisha has limited...

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Anouki Panthagani

Staff Writer

Anouki joined the Tribune to document more about Dougherty Valley and to improve her writing skills. Anouki doesn't have any prior experience with journalism, but hopes to learn as she goes. She enjoys...

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Arjun Johal

Staff Writer

Arjun is interested in creative writing and possibly having a collaboration between the creative writing society and the Tribune. He is inexperienced with reporting. He has some translatable skills from...

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Arshia Mehta

Staff Writer

Arshia joined the Tribune for a couple of reasons: she absolutely loves to write, she finds discussing current issues extremely interesting, and she is an avid reader of several papers including the New...

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Arul Kirubakaran

Staff Writer

This year is Arul's first year at the Tribune. He joined Journalism to employ his skills in writing and current events. Arul greatly enjoys AP Euro homework and the discography of the Rolling Stones,...

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Ashita Jewargi

Staff Writer

Ashita joined the Tribune because she likes writing and her friends recommend it for her. This is Ashita's first year in journalism. She went to Cal Cup in LA for a hockey championship.

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Caroline Lobel

Staff Writer

Caroline joined the Tribune because of her passion for writing and photography, along with her love of journalism. This is her first year as a journalistic writer. She loves to travel and volunteer.

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Claire Zhang

Staff Writer

Claire has never actually had any experience with Journalism, but found it interesting. She joined the Tribune because she wanted to try journalism out and experience writing for a newspaper. This is her...

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Eric Chang

Staff Writer

Eric joined the Tribune to learn more about how a newspaper staff runs and try to improve his writing skills. He has little experience with journalism but hopes to find out how to conduct an interview...

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Harshita Neralla

Staff Writer

Harshita joined the Tribune because she has always enjoyed writing. She also joined the Tribune because students have the right to know what is going in the world. This is her first year in journalism. She...

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Jessie Tsang

Staff Writer

Jessie joined the Tribune because of her interest in writing and reaching out to the community with her words. She is currently serving in her first year of Journalism. Outside of writing, she serves...

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Kathryn Williams

Staff Writer

Katie joined the Tribune because she loves to write and likes to be more involved with Dougherty Valley. Journalism allows her to experiment with different writing styles and topics that she otherwise wouldn't have written befo...

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Michael Han

Staff Writer

Michael joined the Tribune to improve his critical reading and writing skills. Being a journalist would also help him improve his vocabulary. He has little experience in journalism, as this is his first...

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Oce Bohra

Staff Writer

Oce joined the Wildcat Tribune, because it was a place where she could be overtly nosy and (very loudly) express her opinions (aka scream at people while reciting random stats, because why not?). It also...

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Pranav Chillappagari

Staff Writer

Pranav wanted to write about topics he is truly passionate about; the Tribune was an outlet for doing so. This is his second year in the class. Pranav loooooves Hot Cheetos. ...

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Sheyda Ladjevardi

Staff Writer

Sheyda joined the Tribune because she loves to write and wants to pursue journalism for a living. Her experience with journalism is limited since it is her first year working on the Tribune but she hopes...

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Steven Deng

Staff Writer

Joining the Tribune provides an opportunity to improve Steven's writing skills. It also allows him to discuss important current events. He was a part of speech and debate last year and enjoyed debating...

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Teju Anand

Staff Writer

Teju likes writing so joining the Tribune was a great opportunity for her to write more. This would also help her improve her writing skills. This is her first year taking journalism. Teju is very adventurous.

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