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Things our editor wanted to satirize but can’t because they’re real

All of the stories in this column are entirely true

November 30, 2017

Liberals can’t believe that one of their presidents, Bill Clinton, was a purported sex offender as well. - The Atlantic (Caitlin Flanagan)   “Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me “old,” when I would NEVER call him “short and fat?” Oh well, I try so hard to be his fr...

Are you celebrating the destruction of an ancient civilization of natives in order to further eurocentrism? It’s more common than you might think.

James Smith, White Person

November 30, 2017

Every year, millions of Americans, whose ancestors so bravely conquered every continent for exotic spices, sit down to eat the blandest food known to man. This ritual is known as Thanksgiving. It’s a time of celebration, a time to remember the peace-loving festival of the first Americans. Squanto,...

‘Kardashians’ 10th anniversary proves just how vital their lives are to our lives


Armaan Rashid and Sraavya Sambara

October 26, 2017

One fateful day, 10 years ago, a cultural revolution was born. On Oct. 14, 2007, the first episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” premiered on E!, where it would guide American culture for the next decade. Ten years on, the legacy of “Kardashians” is felt throughout American society. I...

It’s time to hunker down and build that wall

Bill D. Whol

May 17, 2017

BUILD A WALL! It’s the only true solution. I’m tired of these bad hombres entering California, corrupting our systems. Lazy, dependant on welfare. We speak English in America! We are building a wall to “keep our country safe.” The California-American border needs a wall to keep these people...

Alternative learning: new ways to cheat on tests

Natalie Rubio-Licht and Vikram Balasubramanian

May 17, 2017

Student at Dougherty Valley have some of the worst sleep schedules ever. The balance of sleep, social life, and academic responsibilities are out of whack. Students are turning into zombies after staying up until 4:30 am to cram in that last bit of information in before their A period tests. Thankfull...

EPA declares D.C. swamp too large to drain

Vikram Balasubramanian, Opinions Editor

May 17, 2017

Breaking (Not) News— The EPA has recently ruled that the DC swamp cannot be drained. President Trump campaigning hard on cleaning up the slime and trash that walks all over Washington D.C. A spokesman for the EPA stated, “These reptiles are an essential part of the D.C. ecosystem — removing...

The Lunch Room: “Nutrition—It’s what we do!”

Amanda Su and Karen Wang

February 28, 2017

Amateur food reviewers Amanda Su and Karen Wang, after tackling Persimmon Place and Homeroom Mac ‘n’ Cheese, take on their biggest challenge yet: The DV Lunch Room. If you’re hungry during lunch time at Dougherty Valley, any local foodie will point you to Berkeley, then San Francisco, then...

Freitas on the run

Freitas on the run

Irene Chang, Editor In Chief

March 31, 2014

A Hawaiian native who fled the island for the contiguous United States nearly a year ago may have fled to California. He might have been posing for over a year as a Baseball Coach and Physical Education Instructor at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon. Students in his class may know him as “...

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