Fun things to do during the Holiday Season!



Celebrating the holiday cheer becomes even more important during the pandemic.

It is officially that time of the year! During the holiday season, many gather around with friends to take pictures in front of a tree, to go Christmas caroling, to exchange gifts, or to invite loved ones over. Many of us use this time as a way to relax and unwind from the stress that has built up throughout the year. Unfortunately, with the new and unprecedented situation we are in right now, we may not be able to do the traditional events we did before. So, here’s a list of things to do during the Holiday season COVID-19 friendly, of course. 

Secret Santa via Online

Who says you cannot give gifts online? Doing your usual Secret Santa online is a great way to keep the holiday cheer along with the excitement of giving and receiving gifts from anonymous;). Elfster is a great website! It pairs you up with someone random in a select group, and you can send anonymous messages to that person. On top of that, you can also put items into your wishlist for your Secret Santa to easily click then buy. 

Holiday sweaters are notorious for being “ugly”, filled with abstract art and corny jokes.

Simple Zoom Calls

The Holiday season is so important especially for one thing: it is one of the few times of the year we get to see our loved ones. Although you may not be able to be with them physically this year, you can still talk to them! Put on a zoom call and call a loved one <3

Gingerbread Cookies

The Classic building a Gingerbread home, although it seems to be something we would do in our childhood, the memories still linger in the air! A lot of stores sell gingerbread kits for affordable prices such as Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. You can also always make one from scratch.

Family Photos

Christmas often involves dressing up in “ugly sweatshirts” and festive clothing. What better way to show them off than having a holiday family photoshoot! You can get as creative as you want, and have something to hold on too for the memories 🙂

Gingerbread House Contest

With warm spices, colorful candy, and sweet frosting, gingerbread houses are the perfect embodiment of the holiday season, so what better than to put a fun twist to it by holding a competition? This year, with COVID-19 lockdowns, have some fun in your household by competing for the best gingerbread-house-decorator for laughter, sweet treats, and cherished memories. Who knows, this could even become an annual holiday tradition! Buy yours at a discount at your local Costco.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters 

Holiday sweaters are notorious for being “ugly”, filled with abstract art and corny jokes. This year, we challenge you to make your own version of an ugly Christmas sweater. Pull out those dad jokes. Bring out the vibrant colors. And even better, compete with your family members to see who can pull of the funkiest, fun, and fresh fit!

Decorate your Christmas tree

Decorating Christmas trees with family is a tradition in itself. Again, I challenge you to put a twist to it. Make your own ornaments! Come up with a decorating theme! This year has been anything but normal, and your tree should reflect it. Break tradition and come up with a new way of decorating your tree, whether it be flowers, stuffed animals, or candy, you pick.

Play Elf on the Shelf

Play this classic Christmas game with your household! At the beginning of the holiday season (which is anytime up to you, whenever you feel the holiday spirit), hide your elf somewhere in the house. Whoever finds it, moves it to the next location, and so on, and so forth. Whoever finds it last on Christmas Day wins! Even if you don’t happen to have a fun-sized elf stuffed animal, maybe it’s your calling to pick up another quarantine hobby. Pick up those sewing needles and scrap fabric from old clothes and make your own. Or, find any substitute; the fun is in the game!