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Rikin Patel

Rikin Patel, Staff Writter

Rikin joined the Tribune because he wanted to increase political diversity in the newspaper. He is slightly conservative and shares the old core Republican views that were abandoned when a certain businessman came and shook things up. He believes it is beneficial that the newspaper is very representative of people in general(race, gender, sexuality, etc.) but believes the paper is lacking in representation of the political spectrum. Side note: Covering all different reasonable opinions(on things such as social spending, taxes, debt financing, etc.) not only makes the news more interesting but can decrease bias overall and increase credibility(More like Reuters and Bloomberg rather than Huffington Post and Buzzfeed- no offense to anybody). Rikin submitted and published multiple articles for one year in Windemere Ranch's newspaper club. Rikin enjoys following sports and specifically enjoys watching the NFL. He has played in 2 12-person fantasy football leagues and he won both of them in a row. He would be excited if he could get a chance to write in the sports column of the Tribune in the future. His goal for journalism this year is to develop the necessary skills to be able to write in the Tribune in the future. His favorite artists are Nirvana, Michael Jackson and Kelly Clarkson. His favorite animal is the Saber-toothed tiger. Over quarantine, he watched Underworld which is a movie series.

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Rikin Patel