Five underrated artists on Spotify to cry to during quarantine


Elaine Park

Andy Leon & The GMP, Dre’es, Leo, LOONY and Ocean Heights make the list of five underrated Spotify artists to appreciate during quarantine.

LeoAndy Leon & The GMP

With influences from folk, jazz, rock and indie music, Andy Leon & The GMP are an LA-based band with music that is mellow while simultaneously heart-touching. In their debut album “Scooter Blues,” released in 2017, they create a melodious atmosphere. The album is about falling in love and remembering an old lover. With just guitar as accompaniment, Andy Leon’s voice shines through, gently entrancing the listener with lyrics filled with powerful emotion. From their minimalistic album art to mellow, soulful music, Andy Leon & The GMP are perfect to listen to on a rainy day.



Joining the hip-hop and rap world with his debut album “Swamp 00” in 2019, Dre’es made it clear that he wanted to create music that would change people’s perspective on situations they may not be able to control. In a short film created specifically to showcase his album, he said, “I never expected [music] to shape me as a person…fast forward to years later, I was motivated and determined to do exactly that…to listen over and over again, and to catch new things every time…and I did it.” Dre’es’s music is sometimes exciting, with songs like “Zero Degrees” that feature high-tempo beats and aggressive tones filled with frustration and anger, while other times being more laid-back, with songs like “The Ocean With My Friends” and “Warm” that incorporate elements of lofi and soft themes like falling in love and reminiscing old memories. 



Imagine laying on a beach in Hawaii. It’s hot but not too hot, and you’re thinking about your life, wondering about the risks you haven’t taken and the regrets you wish you didn’t have. This is what Leo’s songs sound like. Filled with yearning for old love and loneliness, his songs are beautifully constructed, with ukulele playing in the background and melodious vocals. Although his music is simple, it holds complex emotion and allows you to get to know his deepest insecurities and feelings. To sum it up, Leo’s music is gentle and somber while still being upbeat enough to dance to. His music is emotional, and perfect to listen to if you need to cry out your feelings.



Singing about the ups and downs of love, Toronto-based artist LOONY’s voice is light, melodious, and absolutely ethereal. In her second album, “JOYRiDE,” she discusses wanting to fall in love, not wanting to let go, wanting to live in the present, and swallowing feelings of isolation and feeling left out. LOONY combines a variety of genres in her music, with mainly components of R&B and pop as well as a more amplified version of lo-fi music. Similar to artists like H.E.R., her music is slow-paced, letting the listener absorb the background music in addition to her voice. LOONY creates a vintage, casual aesthetic to her music that gives it a solid, comfortable feel while expressing her emotions and showcasing her versatile singing, almost creating a different voice in each song.


Ocean Heights

Self-proclaimed semi-pro bowling team and part time indie pop r&b band Ocean Heights is sultry, sweet, and jubilant all at the same time. Similar to Daniel Caesar, Ocean Heights’s vocals are fluid, and artfully drawn out. Many of their tracks, such as “Call” and “Out of the Way” feature falsettos sung by various members of the band that create a delicate, tenuous tone. A common theme throughout the band’s music are apologies to a previous lover who they’ve hurt with their actions, often asking the woman why she doesn’t call them anymore. A voicemail effect is used in some of these vocals, creating a unique addition to their music. Ocean Heights creates music that is casual, rhythmic, and passionate, and has all the elements that are necessary that defines good R&B.