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In the United States, a campaign called The Pact describes how artists can demand publishing revenue on songs they did not write, leaving songwriters with just a margin of the revenue stream.

Songwriters speak out about unfair treatment within the music industry

Lauren Chen, Managing Editor May 26, 2021

Behind every popular song is an infectious melody, soulful lyric, or catchy chorus, carefully crafted by one or more talented songwriters. But now more than ever, songwriters are coming forward to speak...

Fiona Apple reflects on her past in intense and emotional new album “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”

Fiona Apple reflects on her past in intense and emotional new album “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”

Riya Mehta, Multimedia Editor May 28, 2020

On Friday, April 17, singer song-writer and pianist Fiona Apple released her emotional and intense fifth studio album “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” after eight years.  The album begins with a funky...

Netflix original “Never Have I Ever” breaks the boundaries of minority representation in American television

Elaine Park, Claire Zhang, Oce Bohra, and Teju Anand May 28, 2020

As cliche as the storyline was, “Never Have I Ever” shows a promising change in how minorities are portrayed in American television. Co-created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, “Never Have I Ever”...

Tiger King released on Netflix Mar. 20 to varied reactions

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, Madness

Amruta Baradwaj, News Editor May 28, 2020

The American True Crime documentary series titled “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, Madness” officially released on the streaming platform Netflix on Mar. 20. The seven episode show follows the outlandish...

Hayley Williams Petals for Armor consists of 15 songs that are based on stories of broken relationships and her battle with depression.

“Petals for Armor” provides a beautiful glimpse into depression and mental health struggles

Harshita Neralla and Shruthi Narayanan May 28, 2020

Hayley Williams, the frontwoman of the acclaimed band Paramore released her invigorating solo debut record, "Petals for Armor,” a completely different body of work from anything by Paramore. Documenting...

Interracial couple consisting of movie star Camille Washington (Laura Harrier) and director Raymond Ainsley (Darren Criss) look back at people protesting their boundary pushing film.

Ryan Murphy’s “Hollywood” charms with self-indulgence and unmitigated historical revision

Sneha Cheenath, Editor in Chief May 28, 2020

Acclaimed television producer Ryan Murphy, with shows like “Glee” and “American Horror Story” under his belt, came out with his new Netflix show “Hollywood” on May 1. With a cast of Murphy...

Andy Leon & The GMP, Drees, Leo, LOONY and Ocean Heights make the list of five underrated Spotify artists to appreciate during quarantine.

Five underrated artists on Spotify to cry to during quarantine

Amrita Himmatraopet, Arts and Entertainment Editor May 28, 2020

LeoAndy Leon & The GMP With influences from folk, jazz, rock and indie music, Andy Leon & The GMP are an LA-based band with music that is mellow while simultaneously heart-touching. In their...

Netflix Original “Never Have I ever” leaves multiple Indians unsettled

Netflix Original “Never Have I ever” leaves multiple Indians unsettled

Since its release, the Netflix show “Never Have I Ever” has gained immense popularity. However, there seems to be controversy over whether it correctly represents South Asian culture or not. Although...

Girl, you don’t know the Half of It

Girl, you don’t know the Half of It

As Ellie Chu herself says, “This is not a love story … or not one where anyone gets what they want.” This is a story about yearning, trust, and learning to be true to oneself, because although you...

One Direction’s legacy continues strong after a decade of music

One Direction’s legacy continues strong after a decade of music

Mahika Arya and Drishti Upadhyaya May 28, 2020

Ten years ago, a modern musical miracle happened. Its occurrence came as a surprise, but in no way was it a regret. It revolutionized lives, touched millions, broke unbreakable records. What was it, you...

Florian Gallenberger’s “Colonia” captures Chile’s horrific dark past.

Thyra Beckley, Staff Writer May 26, 2020

From a brave rescue attempt to discovering the disturbing truth, “Colonia” is based on the true, dark, controversial part of South American history after World War II where many Germans, including...

“Heartbreak Weather” clears the clouds For Niall Horan

“Heartbreak Weather” clears the clouds For Niall Horan

Boomika Velineni, Multimedia Editor May 26, 2020

Niall Horan released his sophomore album “Heartbreak Weather” on Mar.13, 2020, shining light on the different stages of a relationship through its 14 tracks. The title track, “Heartbreak Weather,”...

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