“The Great Gatsby” prom is more than just a party

This year’s prom is designed to be the most glamorous and fun event of the school year. Hosted at the San Francisco City Hall and put on by Leadership for the junior and senior classes, it is the most popular of any school-hosted event.

Maryam Siddiqi, the current ASB Treasurer and member of the Prom Committee, is excited for the coming event, calling it an experience that is “great for every Dougherty student.” Students in both classes have similar expectations. Among the Junior class, who have never been to Prom before, buzz for the event has been running wild since the start of second semester.

Junior Alise Bruevich shared, “Prom is something that is heavily emphasized as an integral part of the ‘high school experience’ and I think the opportunity to go to our first prom brings and excitement has many juniors looking forward to [it].”
Following the success of last year, the senior class will be hard pressed to impress. Attendants of the prom reported that it was a night of magic and fun.

“Last year’s prom was great … I really liked the theme,” senior Vittoria Lee said. “I hope this year’s is just as fun.”

Leadership has planned and organized since November with the help of professional planning company, “Events to the ‘T’”. The theme will be “The Great Gatsby,” a reference to the classic American novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In it, the titular Gatsby throws lavish parties, all in hope that one girl, Daisy Buchanan, will show up. To emulate the grandeur of the 1920s, attendees will be treated with Martinelli’s will be surrounded by the opulent decor of City Hall.

“Harry Potter” was also a close contender for the theme, losing by a 52–48 percent margin.

Food vendors returning from last year include boba, crepes, chicken and waffles, donuts and Dippin’ Dots. In addition, vegetarian options will be available. There will also be some changes, some for the better and some for the worse.

“This year we have a few new food items, such as the taco bar,” Siddiqi says.
Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, the Prom Committee was forced to change the boba vendor from the popular San Francisco chain Boba Guys to Plentea. Though not the fault of Leadership, this change spurred a surprising amount of objection.

But, Siddiqi tells us that there are other surprises in store for lucky attendees.
For the first time ever, DV Leadership is holding a “silent disco” in order to get more people onto the dance floor. During the silent disco, participants wear headphones that sync with their friends, and can dance without judgment. The system has been very successful at other schools’ proms and is an innovative way to tailor music for everyone.

In a blast from the past, this year’s prom will feature a casino, an idea taken from the James Bond-themed Prom a few years back. If video games are more your preference, then Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros will be set up. And for those who want to bring home a souvenir from the night, caricature artists and photo booths will be available, although no formal photos will be taken.

Tickets are pricier than ever, reaching up to $120. This contrasts sharply from last year where Mrs. Peggy Thomas, DV bookkeeper, stated it was a goal to keep the price under $100. The change comes mainly from last year’s oversight on early bird prices that led to budget concerns.

Prom tickets are selling out fast, and Leadership encourages everyone to attend. Tickets are still on sale until May 2. Prom promises to be a night to remember.