“DV Prom/Ball Dresses 2016” Facebook group receives mixed feelings

Veronica Liow and Karly Morgan

The “DV Prom/Ball Dresses 2016” Facebook group was created with the primary purpose of preventing people from “stealing” each other’s dresses; it has received both positive though mostly negative sentiments since its creation on Dec. 27, 2015.

For those who have never been acquainted with this group, its primary function is for students to post pictures of their desired dresses, essentially “claiming” them before anyone else can. The other members of the group are expected to respect each other’s dress decisions and therefore cannot buy the same dress, unless it is in a different color. Otherwise, they have committed the crime of “stealing” another’s dress. If there are any changes to people’s dress decisions, such people are required to remove their old post before posting the new image.

But many question: why are we pitting women against women?

Shouldn’t women (and other people who wear dresses) be allowed to wear whatever they feel makes them beautiful, without anyone “claiming” the dress as if it must be copyrighted?

Senior Janetzi Dominguez expresses, “Girls shouldn’t care if they get the same dress as one another.”

Another senior, who wishes to remain anonymous, agrees, explaining that there is even a “pressure to post [her] dress even though [she doesn’t] mind other girls having the same dress as [her] because otherwise, if another girl gets the same dress [and posts beforehand] she might be accused of ‘stealing’.”

The “DV Prom/Ball Dresses 2016” Facebook group serves other functions beyond preventing members from “stealing” each other’s dresses.

One of the admins of the group, Kyle Doan, comments, “It’s super helpful for the people who [use the group]. It isn’t supposed to be catty or fighting over a dress.”

Beyond its purpose to prevent “stealing”, the Facebook group advises people on when the optimal time is to, for example, look into buses or limos, book a photographer or make a makeup appointment. Some have sought and even received tips on where to buy affordable dresses .

Senior Isabelle Yan notes that she enjoys the community aspect of the group.

“I like the fact that we can be supportive of each other’s dresses.”

Overall, there seems to be a rather friendly environment in which members can support each other’s dress decisions through “liking” or commenting or can receive tips from one another regarding prom. However, negative sentiments remain pertaining to what appears to be a perpetuation of pitting women against women due to the “don’t steal my dress” mentality.