2016 Prom Trends

Tis’ the season for prom. Prom is right around the corner, which means girls are getting ready for the big night out.

This year prom dresses trends include two piece dresses. This look is edgy yet classy at the same time. It is also a very daring look, which has appeared on the red carpet and runways.

The famous dress company “Sherri Hill” has featured many of these trends on their website. From two piece dresses to ball gowns, “Sherri Hill” has many different styles. The dresses also have the latest prints, this year’s being floral and bling. Another famous dress company is “Jovani”, which has the latest trends and unique styles.

Another prom dress trend this season is the simple, yet stunning dress. These type of dresses are very plain, with some featuring cut-outs on the side or on the back. The cut-outs blend perfectly in the simple flowy gown. Sometimes the most simple dresses can be the prettiest.

Ball gowns are also popular as the typical prom style. Ball gowns add a princess look to prom. Ball gowns best for this season are pastel or bold, bright colors. Along with ball gowns, mermaid gowns are also in style. This dress can also be combined as a two piece dress, by having a crop top and a mermaid gown as the bottom or a ball gown.  

Prints are also popular this prom season as spring is all about floral prints. From ball gowns to mermaid style dresses, floral looks eyeful on any style of dress. Floral prints can also be embraced through embellishment, a popular trend this prom season. Embellishment is a form of decoration for clothing. Clusters of embellishment are added to prom dresses which adds a beautiful look to the dress. Another popular print is lace. From complete laced out dresses to lace trims, lace is a type of illusion detail. Along with lace, there is the always popular bling. Sequins and crystals are a way to stand out in the crowd and bling is an easy way to style a dress and make it stand out.  

This prom season, many of the styles are unique. Older prom trends still appear this time, but are sidelined by new prom trends. From two piece dresses to simple styles, this prom season will be a glamorous one.