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The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

The Wildcat Tribune

The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

The Wildcat Tribune

Teachers should not turn a blind eye to the struggles of students.

Dear teachers, stop treating our concerns like an inconvenience

Nayja Shah, Staff Writer February 25, 2023

After a short game of “not it” to see who we shall sacrifice, I am chosen as “tribute”. With a short gulp, I apprehensively walk towards the teacher’s desk. Maintaining zero eye-contact as a...

Choir students in black formal wear sing while standing on risers on a stage, placing the back of a palm to their foreheads, representing stress or weariness.

DV Choir cultivates togetherness in “All the Way Home”

Lauren Chen, Editor-in-Chief December 11, 2022

In their 2022 Winter Concert titled "All the Way Home," Dougherty Valley's choir program led us on a journey across the globe. Featuring songs in Hebrew, Spanish and Xhosa, among others, the singers filled...

Shaan Mehta is one of the eight Paladins on “The Quest”.

DVHS Freshman Shaan Mehta stars in Disney’s “The Quest”

Rikin Patel and Mitali Mittal May 2, 2022

Freshman Shaan Mehta is one of the eight Paladins on Disney’s "The Quest" (debuts May 11, 2022). The original season aired on ABC in 2014 and was a fantasy and reality television show that featured contestants...

The DVHS dance team will have its highly anticipated showcase at the DVHS Performing Arts Center in November.

Dougherty’s dance team prepare for their first performance this season

Rhea Master and Rishvanth (Rishi) Ramesh November 11, 2021

Dougherty's dance team will perform its first showcase of the 2021-22 season at the DVHS Performing Arts Center on November 17th and 18th, preparing 12 unique dances for the showcase. Dance at Dougherty...

Dougherty huddles together after their loss to Granada to discuss game strategy and debrief after the game.

DV Varsity Football loses to Granada 41-21

Rikin Patel and Lucas Quick November 5, 2021

The Wildcats experienced their second loss in a row when losing to Granada 41-21 on Oct. 15. Prior to the game, Dougherty won against Deer Valley by a score of 31-16, dominated Vallejo 48-6 and lost...

Four smiling Dougherty Valley juniors pose at the photo booth, one of the most popular attractions of the night.

Dougherty Valley’s Homecoming Dance enhances spirit, community among students

Lauren Chen, Editor-in-Chief October 15, 2021

An electric atmosphere took over campus on Sept. 25 as Dougherty Valley held its first Homecoming Dance since the return to in-person learning. Organized with a Pixar theme by the school’s leadership...

DVHS students voice their experiences with safety protocol during the PSAT

Jade Wang and Aria Khalique April 26, 2021

On Tuesday, Jan 26th, SRVUSD administered the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) for high school juniors with numerous safety precautions as a result of COVID-19. Students had varied experiences and opinions about...

DVHSs Class of 2023 demonstrates school spirit at Homecoming workdays

DVHS’s Class of 2023 demonstrates school spirit at Homecoming workdays

Kimberly Cui, Staff Writer April 21, 2021

Despite being away from the DVHS campus for over a year, the Class of 2023's school spirit is just as strong as before. The officer board continues to hold safe, in-person Homecoming workdays and many...

TEACHER TOURS #1: A look inside teachers’ home workspaces

Aria Khalique, Geneva Xie, Helen Kang, and Riya Mehta March 22, 2021

Since teachers are teaching from home this year we asked some of them to give us tours of their home workspaces! Up first, Mrs. Chamberlain!

The early blooming Hardenbergia stands out in a dormant winter garden.

The colors of spring

Sarasvati Satyanarayana, Staff Writer March 3, 2021

Signs of spring are everywhere, and with spring comes a plethora of colors. Take a look at an assortment of plants that are springing to life in our very own backyards.

Sana Shehabi celebrates a thrilling victory after a hard set

Sana Shehabi’s meteoric rise serves as an inspiration to DV athletes

Soham Kinhikar, Sports Editor December 14, 2020

As a wild 2020 wraps up, Novak Djokovic has cemented his place as the best tennis player this year.  Of course this is nothing new. He’s been up there for a cumulative 293 weeks now. 293 weeks of...

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