Seeking out the finest fries out there


Nishita Mukherjee

Which fries will be the very best?

Anika Kodali and Nishita Mukherjee

After a late night out, during an everlasting road trip or just to satisfy a craving, french fries are one of the most popular fast foods that is relished by people all over the world. Fries can be found on the menu at almost any fast food chain there is. However, out of plain curiosity and cravings, we asked each other the question, which location has the most delectable fries? Hence, we decided to try five of the highest-rated fast-food fries according to countless food bloggers out there. Our criteria for a quality french fry were based on texture, salt ratio, size/shape, and price. We look for a fry with crisp, but still enough potato to taste within. The size of the fries was determined by whether or not they were large enough. The hunt for the best fries consisted of looking at different aspects of the fries. 

Five Guys:

These fries showed us why they are so highly rated. The unique thing about Five Guys fries is the fact that they are fried in peanut oil, and are so fresh that you can see them being cooked in front of you. Another benefit is that even if you order a small size, you are getting almost double the amount since they just shovel a large amount in the bag without measuring exactly. Compared to other fast food restaurants, they are slightly more expensive. But biting into their mouth-watering fries makes up for the price. The potato flavor is very strong and present, with a good amount of salt and the slight taste from the peanut oil. However, some batches can be slightly soggy if they are not fresh or if they have too much oil. 

Ratings: Texture – 7/10

  Salt/flavor – 9.5/10

  Price –  6/10 ($4.19 for a regular size)

  Size/shape – 9/10

This classic fast food chain’s fries has no doubt established its popularity. But is it well deserved?

  Total Average – 7.8/10


Is it a crime to enjoy the fries as much as or even more than the wings? If it is, then there are probably some very guilty people — including us. Wingstops seasoned fries are absolutely scrumptious. The fries are small but crispy, and have a consistent flavor on every fry. Additionally, these fries will never be soggy or too oily, as Wingstop’s consistency is also on point with their fries. Wingstop fries make it better as it pairs perfectly with their ranch or blue cheese. This combination is highly recommended as the sauces truly compliment the fries. These fries pack a flavor punch, and while the size of the fries lacks, it is made up for with the amount given and the insanely cheap price alongside it.

Ratings: Texture – 8/10

   Salt/flavor – 10/10

   Price – 9/10 ($1.99 for a regular size)

   Size/shape – 6/10 

   Total Average – 8.25/10


This classic fast food chain’s fries has no doubt established its popularity. But is it well deserved? Right off the bat, the lack of crispness is evident in the fries. In contrast to other fries, these are much softer. Nevertheless, the size and saltiness of the fries quickly make up for it. The portions given are satisfactory for the amount of money spent. However, these fries are not vegetarian-friendly as they are fried in an oil blend that includes natural beef flavor. These fries are only for a certain crowd as those who do not consume beef would not appreciate these fries. Though these fries do not reach a 10/10 in all points of view, it is a classic and cost effective choice. 

Ratings: Texture – 5/10

  Salt/Flavor – 8/10

  Price – 10/10 ($1.79 for a medium size)

  Size/shape – 8/10

  Total Average – 7.8/10


These fries had a lot to offer, both in terms of the price and taste. Initially, the salty flavor and seasoning engulfs the taste buds, leaving a pleasant taste. Though the crispness could have been better, it was decent compared to some of the other fast food restaurants. These fries are on another level as the potatoes taste more fresh when compared to other fries. Impressively, they were able to keep the nice and subtle crisp, while still having a much higher quality taste to them. In addition, when it comes to prices, it does not disappoint. All over, these fries were certainly a big treat to eat, and were by far the best we tasted within this collection of fries. 

Ratings: Texture – 7/10

  Salt/Flavor – 10/10

  Price – 9/10 ($1.99 for a medium size) 

  Size/shape – 8/10

  Total Average – 8.5/10


The waffle fries at Chick-fil-a have to be one of the most overrated fries out there, and to us, they were a disappointment. Though the waffle fries are definitely large in size, they seem to disappoint in everything else. The fries are dry on the inside and have almost no salt or flavor at all. They were also extremely hit or miss when it comes to the texture. Sometimes the fries were crispy, but the majority of the time they tended to be too soggy, soft and even undercooked. Chick-fil-a was definitely not consistent with their fries and it was noticeable. However, the price was very reasonable as the unique fry shape did not make it more expensive than the other places. 

Ratings: Texture – 4/10

  Salt/Flavor – 0/10

  Price – 9/10 ($1.69 for a medium size)

  Size/shape – 8/10

  Total Average – 5.75/10 

Final Verdict:

In our journey of tasting and rating fries, we found that Wendy’s fries are by far the best of the ones we tasted. They have an amazing flavor balance, while still having that crisp at the same time. They were followed by Wingstop fries, which were an extremely close second place that just missed the mark to be the absolute best.