DV ranks the best local boba shop


Kimberly Cui

23 out of 60 Dougherty Valley students surveyed chose Boba Bliss as their favorite local boba shop due to the franchise’s tea and tapioca pearls.

Lauren Chen, Editor-in-Chief

“Friends” has Central Perk and “Gilmore Girls” has Luke’s Diner, but in San Ramon, the go-to local hangout spot is likely to be at a boba shop. Even during the pandemic, many have relied on the milk tea drinks as quick grab-and-go treats. From a variety of teas to toppings, boba shops, which originated in Taiwan, continue to dominate in the Tri-Valley, with each store offering unique specialties. But which of the 14 (yes, count them!) different franchises within San Ramon, Dublin, or Pleasanton rises above the rest? The Wildcat Tribune surveyed 60 Dougherty Valley students and found a clear favorite.

The options surveyed: Bambu, Boba Bliss, Boba Guys, Cafe Tapioca, Happy Lemon, Honey Tea, I-Tea, QTea, Quickly, ShareTea, T4, Tea Heart, Teaspoon, Westea


Most Frequented: The shop Dougherty Valley students visit most often.

3rd Place: Teaspoon – 10 Responses (16.7%)

2nd Place: Boba Bliss – 13 Responses (21.7%)

1st Place: T4 – 24 Responses (40%)


Best Bargain: The shop with the best drink relative to the lowest cost.

3rd Place: I-Tea – 6 Responses (10%)

2nd Place: ShareTea – 8 Responses (13.3%)

1st Place: T4 – 27 Responses (45%)


Infinite Options: The shop with the highest quantity of choices and most diverse menu.

2nd Place (Tie): Boba Guys and I-Tea – 7 responses (11.7%)

1st Place: T4 – 17 Responses (28.3%)


Top-Quality Tea: The shop that has the best-tasting tea.

3rd Place: Teaspoon – 12 Responses (20%)

2nd Place: Boba Guys – 13 Responses (21.7%)

1st Place: Boba Bliss – 20 Responses (33.3%)


Premier Pearls – The shop with the best-tasting tapioca pearls (as opposed to agar boba or other toppings).

3rd Place: Boba Guys – 12 Responses (20%)

2nd Place: Teaspoon – 14 Responses (23.3%)

1st Place: Boba Bliss – 21 Responses (35%)


Overall Favorite!

3rd Place: T4 – 9 Responses (15%)

2nd Place: Teaspoon – 11 Responses (18.3%)

1st Place: Boba Bliss – 23 Responses (38.3%)