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The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

The Wildcat Tribune

The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

The Wildcat Tribune

The media can offer an outlet for the youth to reflect their emotions.

Modern Media Mirrors Changes in Youth Mental Health

Sura Lin, Staff Writer February 7, 2024

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, the landscape of mental health, particularly among the youth, has witnessed a significant shift. Because of the increased rates in depression and anxiety, the role...

The cast of Radium Girls brings life to the historically-inspired story.

DVHS Drama brings intrigue and emotion with “Radium Girls”

Tanvi Rao, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 21, 2023

The lights dim, and the curtains sweep open. On stage, the set pieces – including a large clock – glow fluorescent green, an omen of what’s about to occur. This is the start of “Radium Girls,”...

Captain Marvel is one of the primary examples of the “strong powerful” woman trope.

Media in the modern age: how to build a better female character

Anaisha Das, Web Editor-in-Chief November 13, 2023

Dear Reader, Women comprise 50% of all moviegoers. Women comprise 37% of all speaking characters in film. Meanwhile, only 10.7% of directors in 2019 were female. And this is a dramatic improvement...

 DV’s drama production put a vibrant spin on “Heathers: The Musical.”

Dougherty Valley Drama brings big fun to the stage with “Heathers: The Musical”

Tanvi Rao and Neetra Chakraborty March 1, 2023

After weeks of dedicated promotion, Dougherty Valley’s Drama program performed “Heathers: The Musical” from Feb. 16 - 18. The over two-hour long musical came together in just two and a half months.  “We...

An iphone is on the spotify app, on a playlist titled

Crate Digging with the Tribune – Week 2

Here’s the Tribune’s recommendations for this month’s new and up and coming artists. Saanvi Artist: Carter Ace Genre: R&B, Hip-Hop As the popularity of R&B and hip-hop continues...

The second season of Ginny and Georgia hit Netflix on Jan. 5 2023.

Season 2 of “Ginny and Georgia” tells a dismally clichéd story

Ananya Mukherjee, Web Manager January 30, 2023

Note: Spoilers and TW The highly awaited second season of Netflix show “Ginny & Georgia” debuted in the platform’s top 10 after its Jan 5. release. However, the promised representation of...

“A Man Called Otto” follows a grumpy old curmudgeon, Otto, as he deals with the grief of losing his wife with the help of the family next door.

“A Man Called Otto” outshines the original

Neetra Chakraborty, Indra Deshmukh, and Abby Kapur January 30, 2023

In today’s rapidly-paced world, some people just can’t live in peace. And some can’t die in peace either.  Cantankerous old Otto Anderson grumbles his way into our hearts in “A Man Called Otto,”...

 Released on Dec. 16, 2022, “Avatar 2” bridges the stories between the first film and potential future films in the franchise as Jake Sully must defend his family from old threats and new challenges.

“Avatar 2: The Way of Water” plays in the shallow end

Mitali Mittal, Saanvi Haridas, Grace Zhao, and Allan Zhang January 29, 2023

Released on Dec. 16, 2022, James Cameron’s “Avatar 2” plays in the shallows with a friendly storyline, all the while hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating viewers with a visual smorgasbord of a...

The Saturday night crowd chatters excitedly during the intermission of Almost, Maine.

DVHS Drama kicks off the year with heartwarming performance in “Almost, Maine”

Tanvi Rao and Neetra Chakraborty November 8, 2022

It’s 7 p.m. on a Saturday night. The theater lights dim and the crowd hushes. On stage, a boy and girl sit side by side on a bench. This is the introduction to “Almost, Maine,” the first DVHS drama...

The three Elven rings form the crux of Amazon Prime’s latest series, “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.” The series explores the events leading up to the creation of the Three Rings, containing mysteries as to what force of darkness may be returning over Middle-Earth.

“Rings of Power” falls short of enhancing Tolkien’s world

Mitali Mittal, Rikin Patel, and Grace Zhao November 7, 2022

“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” Amazon Prime’s new prequel-style series that takes place before the events of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” (LOTR), released on Sept. 1....

Edgerunners provides a beautifully balanced story that tells the tale of a rising mercenary star — and his meteoric downfall.

“Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” deconstructs Bittersweet Notoriety

Akilesh Kale, Copy Editor November 5, 2022

Warning: Spoilers for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners It’s another beautiful day in Night City. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping (or, at least the ones who are left), and the Tyger Claws murdered...

Album cover of Sigh’s latest album “Shiki,” a representation of an ancient Japanese poem about the death of cherry blossom trees.

Sigh returns to beastly and harrowing perfection on their newest album “Shiki”

Samuel (Sammy) Minioza, Opinions Editor October 17, 2022

There’s a common litmus test in music circles. The question is simple: What’s your favorite metal album? If their answer is Tool, Mastodon, Judas Priest or some other obscure metal band your average...

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