Bryan Yan and his family pose in celebration of Senior Night and his last swim meet of high school.
Bryan Yan and his family pose in celebration of Senior Night and his last swim meet of high school.
Ekroop Kaur

Dougherty Valley High School traditions bring students closer together

As high school students navigate the twists and turns life throws at them, the one thing that many look forward to are the simple traditions that make Dougherty Valley High School so welcoming and spirited. These simple traditions ranging from school sports to art events, serve as the foundations for building great memories throughout high school. 

At DVHS, as the school year begins and new students enter, one of the first and foremost traditions is attending football games and rallies. They give students the opportunity to create bonds between people from other schools as well as in their own school community. Laying the groundwork for the rest of the year, they push for an energizing start for all of the students to come together to represent each other. 

“I feel like attending these games allows me as a person to be more present and involved within my school. It’s important to engage in community events in order to foster a supportive environment”, DVHS student Ishwarya Sriman states.

Through spirited competitions and friendly rivalries, the March Madness tournament brings the school community together, promoting teamwork and unity in a fun and competitive environment.

Just as in football games and rallies, participation in the March Madness tournament offers students the opportunity to forge lasting connections and strengthen bonds, contributing to a sense of belonging and supportiveness that extends far beyond the basketball court. 

High school traditions and events offer moments of joy and connection, but the constant pressure of college acceptance can overshadow these experiences. As students anxiously await admissions decisions, the atmosphere can become tense, affecting the morale of many. In this time students can navigate this challenging time with resilience and solidarity by engaging in group activities in and outside of school. Building a supportive community during this period not only eases individual anxieties but also strengthens the bonds within the student body.

DVHS student Nivetha Lingam stated “One outlet of stress relief that I think is important is talking to my friends. I feel like having someone to support you can be really encouraging. I’ve met some of my closest friends at school events.”

To lift up spirits in these stressful times DVHS seniors partake in a talent show called Senior Wildcat, where seniors perform all sorts of acts in a partner duet, and ultimately vote for the best one. 

Senior Wildcat originally known as Mr. Wildcat has been a long-standing tradition at DVHS and has evolved since the beginning to be more inclusive and open to all students. The show allows students to engage with each other and to show off their passions along with someone by their side. This event fosters the foundation to create healthy team dynamics, resulting in an everlasting friendship. It serves as a great memory shared with other students and wraps up the school year with something exciting and joyful, contributing to many’s high school experiences.

DVHS Senior and Senior Wildcat participant Saanvi Tiwari said, “I think it gives the school community an event that celebrates everyone. Everyone who came to watch Senior Wildcat supported their seniors allowing them to become closer together.”

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