Teachers Tell All: Summer Updates

Fact: A recent study shows that teachers have lives too! That’s something the teachers here at Dougherty can prove in an instant! From getting married to going on exotic vacations, the DV faculty teaches us students that we’ve been doing vacation entirely the wrong way.

We’ll start with the most popular news: Mr. Tisa and Ms. Tsuji’s wedding.  Many of the teachers gathered to watch their fellow colleagues get hitched July 25. Looks like all of the “Tsujisa” fans got their wish.

On another note, Ms. Sakkis spent a couple of weeks in Belize at a teacher conference where she got to train Belizean teachers, while also getting the experience of a lifetime. She stated, “Belize is a beautiful developing country with a lot of room for growth, especially in their education system…I learned about myself as a teacher and human being. It is an experience I’ll reflect back on for years to come.” Rock on Ms. Sakkis!

Baby Bellows: Another highlight from this summer brings us all the way to the 1000 building downstairs where you will find Mr. Bellows, who is also now a new father! Be sure to stop by and say congratulations!

Also on baby watch are Mrs. Seipel, Ms. Coulson, and Ms. Wong, all of whom are expecting.

Last (but certainly not least) on our list of teacher news is Mr. Snavely’s five-week trip to Europe this summer with his wife. One word he had to describe his summer was “awesome” and his words of advice to students on how to spend vacation are, “Don’t sit on your parents’ couch playing video games all day.”