Disney+ adds to the world of streaming services



Disney+ successfully enters the streaming world for only $7 a month and access to their vast catalogue of shows and movies.

Disney recently launched their new, aptly-named streaming service, Disney+, that features content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Fox and National Geographic. The service, which was released on Nov. 12, costs $7 a month and comes with a free one week trial. It includes nearly everything Disney’s main entertainment studios have created, from childhood-favorite Disney Channel originals to Marvel blockbusters to animated Pixar films and more.

To promote this new streaming service, Disney released a three hour trailer on YouTube featuring everything the service’s catalogue has to offer. From the start of Walt Disney’s animations in the early-mid 1900’s to the company’s most recent features, Disney+ carries a vast range of content, making it an enjoyable streaming service for both kids and adults.

Disney has expanded their entertainment empire over the years, which allows viewers to stream content from 20th Century Fox, such as the first 30 seasons of “The Simpsons.” A few films and shows are missing from Disney+ due to existing contracts with other streaming services, but they are expected to return to the streaming platform within the next few years.

The service also boasts Disney+ original content including the live-action Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” and “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” which is based off of the original “High School Musical” film; both shows have been well-received so far.

As Disney successfully enters the streaming world, another step is taken to fuel the Streaming Wars, where companies compete for entertainment viewership. Many families have canceled their cable in exchange for multiple streaming monthly subscriptions to services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Apple Inc. also entered the streaming world with their Apple TV+ that released on Nov. 1, though it was not met with much attention. Other companies are following this path, with AT&T set to launch their streaming service HBO Max sometime in the next year.

In comparison to Netflix’s $13 per month and ad-free Hulu’s $12 per month, Disney+ is one of the more affordable streaming services out there, costing only $7 a month. The way viewers watch their shows and movies is changing, and Disney is doing its part to satisfy this demand.