Food Review: Week 3, New Food Items

Evan Larson

On Friday there was the new food tasting that was announced a couple weeks prior on School Loop news, and I have to say they did a good job of reading my reviews because the new food was very good. No doubt I felt I achieved victory after my heated gaming moments against school lunch makers, but there was a need for reconstruction and to make the new food right. The first item, pancakes, was probably the best thing on that plate. It was sweet and tasted like real pancakes, not some weird mystery grain. There was fruit and this delicious chocolate sauce that would have gone well with some egg or bacon to make a good brunch item. Rating: 10/10. Next, there was some brown rice that tasted particularly decent. It was some seasoned rice with beans and onion(?) that was called chili lime rice or something. The rice wasn’t anything to write home about but wasn’t overly bad, so as a whole this gets a 9/10. The coleslaw was very good as well, but I can’t really give an unbiased review on this because I despise coleslaw. Coleslaw is the bane of my existence and deserves nothing higher than a 4 in my book. However, I must say for coleslaw it was good and did come with raisins and some unidentified bean things.