Food review: Week 1, Nachos

Evan Larson

There are two types of nachos in the cafeteria, and as far as I know, they are only served on Fridays. There is a meat nacho variant and a bean nacho variant. These nachos do disappear pretty quickly from the line just like potato wedges, so I would advise any would-be-nacho-eaters to Naruto run to the lunch line. As for the actual quality of the nachos, the tortilla chips taste like normal tortilla chips, but the cheese tastes horrible. Not only is the taste bad, but the top of the cheese sauce feels like rubber in your mouth. Next is meat and beans. The meat always runs out before the beans because the meat is better. The beans are a great substitute for people with meat restricted diets though. Both are way better than the cheese, but I would say the meat edges out the beans in terms of quality. As I have said before, price does not factor into the food review any longer because all main entree items cost the same.