Food Review: Week 2, Tornadoes

Evan Larson

Does this score surprise you? This is probably one of the only perfect scores that you will find on the food review. But for everyone who has tried this, you know the Tornado deserves this 10/10. Now I must begin by stating that this is nowhere near perfect in comparison to actual food. This is maybe a 7/10 in comparison to that. All the reviews are done in relation to what I have experienced over my years with school lunch. As for the actual content, the Tornado is comparable to a deep fried taquito, which sounds nasty but it’s actually pretty good. The bread does not mask the taste of the inside, and the inside is what makes this item pop. Corn, onion(?), cheese, and some mystery meat (I think it is a mix of chicken and beef, but I couldn’t tell) makes the Tornado what it is. Ok, that was epic.