Varsity Women’s Volleyball triumphs over Monte Vista 3-1

The Dougherty Valley Wildcats triumphed over the Monte Vista Mustangs at a home game on Sept. 6, winning for the second time of the season.

The first two sets of the game were close, but the Wildcats were able to narrowly defeat the Mustangs 25-21 in the first set and 29-27 in the second. The Mustangs were able to pull back and win the third set 25-17 before losing once again to Dougherty 25-16 in the final set.

Head Coach Pat Hallahan attributes the team’s success to their teamwork and concentration during the game.

“They really really focused together as a team. They don’t get it down on each other if somebody makes a mistake. They try to encourage them,” Coach Hallahan said.

The first set started off with Dougherty leading by 4-1. However, Monte Vista was able to fight back and the score never differed by more than five points throughout the entire set until Dougherty eventually won.

The second set was a tight win for the Wildcats as well. Needing to win the game by two points, the Wildcats and Mustangs continued to struggle in the shoot out against each other until Dougherty finally came out on top. In a one-sided third set, Monte Vista took an early lead of 13-3 and Dougherty was unable to come back, resulting in a loss.

Despite the loss, the Wildcats remained confident and won the game by dominating in the fourth set. Sophomore Ofure Iselen blocked a hit from the Mustangs and scored the first point of the set. Consequently, Dougherty won their third set of the game, decisively beating Monte Vista.

Overall, the Wildcats plan on continuing to support each other during their games and remain optimistic about future games.

Junior Elizabeth Lee says that she wants the team to “play the best we can at every game and make sure we’re going all out there and supporting each other.”

With this in mind, Dougherty will face off in a home game against the San Ramon Valley Wolves on Sept. 20.