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DVHS Senior track athletes share their versions of success during Senior Night

Senior track & field athletes reflected on their experiences throughout their years on the team during their Senior Recognition in the Wildcat Invitational on April 27.

Senior track athlete Saheli Desai at Track and Field Senior Night. (Visalakshi Arunachalam)

Saheli Desai
Seniors on Dougherty Valley High School track and field celebrate their last year on the team. While the individuality of the sport shines, its teamwork and community play an important role for every member of the team, coaches and all.

Saheli Desai, a sprinter whose specialty is the 400m, started track and field in her sophomore year of high school. She agrees that while the sport is focused on one person rather than a whole team, teamwork is still a crucial aspect that helps athletes perform better. Throughout her years of track, Desai was able to make many new friends. What she finds important is to show up for them, to be there to cheer them on during their event.

She said, “Being there for your teammates is important because they’re the backbone of it. You do better when they’re there. They help you take that last step.”



Senior track athlete Jada Reymann at Track and Field Senior Night. (Visalakshi Arunachalam)

Jada Reymann

Jada Reymann, a senior at Dougherty Valley High School, leaves her mark on the school’s Track and Field team through her dedication and passion for hurdling. Over her years on the team, Reymann showed a lot of personal growth, not only athletically, but also mentally as she learns to push herself to be the best version she can be while continuing to inspire others.

Reymann said, “I think track has played a big role in my life. I feel like being a part of the team has been motivating me and pushing me to be a hard worker and give me more drive to reach my goals. To make my own version of success a reality.”

As she reflects on her journey, Jada’s experiences on the track have taught her important lessons about teamwork and sportsmanship that she will take with her as she moves on to the next chapter of her life. Inspired by the motivating influences around her, she hopes to continue spreading that positivity forward.



Tanvi Koganti

Senior track team captain Tanvi Koganti at Track and Field Senior Night. (Visalakshi Arunachalam)

As a team captain of the Dougherty Valley track team, senior Tanvi Koganti embodies the values of support, and discipline, which she believes are essential for achieving personal success.

According to Koganti, integrating discipline into your daily lifestyle is crucial, as it fosters progress and enables individuals to work towards their aspirations. She said, “Discipline is key and you have to have mental strength in order to work towards your goals. It should be something you integrate into your daily lifestyle because you have to want to make progress.”

Her leadership style emphasizes the significance of maintaining focus and determination, inspiring her teammates to strive for excellence both on and off the track. Through her guidance and example, Koganti encourages her fellow athletes to have a strong work ethic and a commitment to their goals.

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