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New Women’s Lacrosse JV Team Restores Hope

Reyna Jimenez
DVHS’ Women’s JV Lacrosse Team have a practice session during the season.

Transitioning into the spring season, the women’s lacrosse team at DVHS gains hope for a successful season as more students try out than ever before. Due to minimal students trying out in previous years, the team has only been able to create a small varsity team. However this year, several freshman and sophomore girls tried out, allowing the team to introduce a new junior varsity team. 

The women’s lacrosse team had few new players trying out in the past few years and continuously lost numbers.

This year’s unexpected increase in new members allowed the team to regain their hopes of continuing the team.

Junior captain Caitlin Osmond says, “Last year we only had varsity, and we honestly didn’t think we would have a team this year. We thought we wouldn’t be able to play.” Osmond continues, “I think it’s really exciting. I find it really cool that so many people are interested and that we’re rebuilding the program.” 

This unanticipated rise in the number of girls trying out this year was startling for returning varsity players, especially since there were no cuts in previous years. 

“Last year I had no experience playing but I still got on the team, and I think this year, a lot of people this year had the perception that they could get in automatically. Too many people tried out because of that,” senior varsity player Sophia Maks remarks.

Additionally, the flood of new players on the team caused difficulty in training the JV team, especially since it was full of players new to the sport. Furthermore, the varsity coach had to take on the additional responsibility of teaching the new team. 

Osmond adds, “Yeah, we’ve all been helping teaching, so we haven’t had much time to practice for ourselves. Our coach is really great, but he has work outside of this, and it’s a lot because prior to this we had three coaches, and now we only have one.” 

Sophomore Mahathi Aripirala Venkata further explains, “We only have one coach, but we have parent volunteers who help us sometimes.” Aripirala continues, “I think sometimes it’s difficult.”

However, with help from parent volunteers and existing players, the women’s lacrosse team has begun to look on the bright side. 

“It’s not a huge problem [having a JV team], it’s actually a really great thing that there are a lot of underclassmen who will continue in the next years,” Senior varsity player Liyana Islam comments.

Returning players celebrate their growing team, including sophomore captain Kaelyn Inokuchi. “Lacrosse is such an underrepresented sport, especially at DV,” Inokuchi says. “ It’s great to see how so many people have an interest for it.”

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