Girl Scout Cookies: Delight or Disappointment?


Anna Zhao

Girl Scout cookies can be a hit or miss. Luckily, we’re here to tell you all about them!

As Girl Scout cookie season wraps up for the year, we can confidently say that not all cookies are created equal. This is our definitive ranking of this year’s Girl Scout cookie flavors. 

Thin Mints: Maddie Ziegler, The Favorite 10/10 

At the top of the pyramid, as always, Thin Mints. This classic Girl Scout cookie is a best seller for a reason. A light, crispy mint cookie is enveloped by a layer of chocolate that is not too sweet. Unlike most of the other cookies in this list, we were capable of finishing the entire box within a matter of minutes. Aside from the perfect balance of flavors, Thin Mints are a good value for your money: One box contains 32 cookies, whereas others come with as few as 14. One of our members, choosing to remain anonymous, went broke by splurging $180 on Thin Mints. As evidenced by this action, these cookies are certainly a fan favorite. 

Lemon-Ups: Savannah Smiles Wannabes 8.5/10

These cookies replaced the Savannah Smiles in 2020, and though we’re still mourning the loss, Lemon Ups are still a delicious option for those who like a treat that is not too sweet or heavy. The cookie is crunchy but not dry, with a crackly glaze that coats the bottom. The lemon flavor is tart and pronounced but not overly sharp, making it an appealing option for all ages. 

Aside from the perfect balance of flavors, Thin Mints are a good value for your money: One box contains 32 cookies, whereas others come with as few as 14.

Tagalongs: Tag Me Along 8/10

Unexpectedly, Tagalongs were a favorite of ours for their taste that was reminiscent of a chocolate-peanut butter cup. The crispy cookie balanced out the creamy peanut butter, which was portioned so that it packed flavor without being sticky on the palate. Enrobed in chocolate, these cookies were rich – we couldn’t eat more than two in one sitting — but were delicious nonetheless. 

Samoas: Coconut Fantasy 8/10

Samoas have been a fan-favorite for decades, and for a good reason. They feature a snappy cookie covered in chewy caramel, toasted coconut, and chocolate. The brilliant flavor combination could draw in even those who are averse to coconut (we know from personal experience). The one pitfall of these cookies is that they can become cloyingly sweet if you have too many at once, but that doesn’t stop Samoas from being one of the first Girl Scout cookies we purchase each year.

Do-si-dos: Do-si-Don’t Miss Out 6/10 

From the description alone, these oatmeal-peanut butter sandwich cookies did not initially sound appealing. However, we were pleasantly surprised. The Do-si-dos were pleasant because they had a subtly sweet and slightly salty flavor. Where this cookie fell short was the texture: Rather than being chewy and soft like we expected, the Do-si-dos were brittle with chalky peanut butter. Still, we thought they would be the ideal cookie to dip into a mug of coffee or chai. 

Adventurefuls: Brownie Brittle Dupe 6/10

Released in 2022, these cookies are one of the newest Girl Scout cookie flavors. They are meant to emulate an indulgent brownie with a caramel-filled center. Again, we expected these to be soft and decadent with gooey caramel, but we were left confused by a crunchy cookie with a hard center. Though the caramel part tasted more like milky white chocolate, we were satisfied because the cookie did taste like brownie brittle. 

Trefoils: Plain Jane 5/10 

Girl Scouts have been selling shortbread cookies since the 1950s, so these Trefoils are another long-standing classic. We found them to be perfectly average, with a nondescript sweet taste and a snap when biting in. For as long as these cookies have been around, we expected them to be just a little more special. Though we wouldn’t automatically reach for these in the future, they would be a good pair with any hot drink of your choice.

Raspberry Rally: The Ugly Step-sister 4.5/10

As the newest addition to the Girl Scout cookie flavors, this is definitely nothing more than the Thin Mint’s ugly step-sister, frumpy on the outside and artificial on the inside. Enrobed in chocolate, these fuschia raspberry flavored crackers taste like they came out of an easy-bake oven. While the flavors presented are rather overpowering, they are somehow addicting to come back to because of their similar notes to a childhood favorite, strawberry Danimals yogurt. 

Toffee-tastic: Tongue Assault 2/10

The one thing we can appreciate about these cookies is that they are a great gluten-free option for Girl Scout cookie fans. Aside from that, we could find few positive qualities about the Toffee-tastics. The cookie smelled like a shortbread cookie, but upon biting into it, the overwhelmingly buttery flavor left us feeling slightly sick. The crumbly texture gave us the impression that we were eating sand, and the toffee pieces stuck to our teeth unpleasantly. Some of these differences can be attributed to the alternative flour used in the recipe, but we believe that the Toffee-tastic cookies still have a lot of room for improvement.

S’mores: Can be used as car fuel  1/10

TLC’s show To Catch a Catfish should feature these cookies because they are pretty on the eyes and horrible in the mouth. From the smell alone, we knew these cookies would be unpalatable. They were meant to taste like a “graham cracker” cookie sandwiched around a chocolate and marshmallow cream filling. But rather than reminding us s’mores, this cookie left us feeling like we had consumed a mouthful of chemicals. Similar to the nostalgic taste of nibbling on Polly Pocket dresses. None of us could finish our cookies, which was remarkable because they were bite-sized. The only redeemable quality about this S’mores were the cute designs printed on the surface.