DVHS swim team highlights their seniors in final home meet


Katherine Tokita

Dougherty’s seniors competed in their last home meet against Dublin on April 18.

Anaisha Das and Neetra Chakraborty

The DVHS swim team celebrated their seniors in a final home meet against Dublin High School on April 18, beating Dublin in their overall junior varsity and varsity scores. 

As they competed in their last swim competition at Dougherty, the seniors reflected on their favorite memories and lessons they learned on the team. Earlier in the week, senior co-captain Natalie Tokita had fished a dead mouse out of the pool during practice. This hilarious moment was just a glimpse into the close bond that the team members share. 

“The coaches and people are so great, and I’ve made so many new friends,” sophomore Bri Yuen said. “It’s really fun after school to swim.”  

For senior co-captain Jasmine Carlos, the DVHS swim team offered her an opportunity to become a better leader and develop deeper connections with her teammates.

“Being the team captain really grew my leadership skills this year because I get to help the team succeed,” Carlos said. “We have good memories because team captains work really hard to make the team enjoyable and fun, such as making Instagram posts and the spirit days for every swim meet.” 

Senior Michelle Nguyen, another swim team captain, learned to be more determined from her four years as part of the DVHS swim team. 

“The biggest lesson I learned was how to persevere and keep working hard. Not giving up even though it can be hard sometimes,” Nguyen said. “That’s fine. As long as you keep working hard at it.”

Carlos similarly mentioned the importance of staying mentally strong, especially when situations are less than ideal. For most meets, swimmers are unable to choose their events, resulting in competing in races that they don’t like. 

“My coach often gave me the 200 IM (medley of all strokes), and I really disliked that one,” Carlos said. “I hate long races because I’m a sprinter, but I know that I still have to [compete]. So I still try my best to get my best time and beat the other people I’m racing against.”

Because of senior night, seniors like Carlos were able to choose their own events. Notably, DVHS dominated the varsity 200 medley relay. Some underclassmen felt less confident competing in the remaining events. Nevertheless, they swam their hardest.

“On the inside, we’re not the happiest because our events are not the best,” Yuen said. “But we’re working through it.” 

The event was bittersweet for seniors and underclassmen alike. Junior Dhiya Arvind reflected on the mixed emotions she felt.  

“We’re almost seniors ourselves, so it’s sad to see that the seniors are leaving and to know that next year will be our last year as a part of the team,” Arvind said. “Seeing seniors go is like the beginning of the end.”