Wellness trends on the rise this New Year


Shreya Arun

Wellness trends help teens navigate emotions.

Recent trends in coping mechanisms have changed the perspective on the workings of wellness. From toys to mindfulness tools, the post-pandemic world has navigated wellness techniques to salvage their mental and emotional wellness. Here are the top six most popular stress outlets common among teens. 

1. Meditation apps

Meditation apps are proven to drive your senses into a peaceful and stress-free zone. Apps like Headspace, Calm and Simple Habit have gained interest and a following, especially in the post-pandemic world. With musical tracks, sleep audiobooks and other attractive aspects, teens have gravitated towards meditation and mindfulness apps to help navigate through stressful times. 


2. Rage rooms

A fairly newer concept in the field of releasing emotions, rage rooms are exactly what they sound like: designated rooms where you can choose your tool of choice to break household items. From TVs and radios to fine china, there isn’t a thing you wouldn’t attractive to smash. 


3. House Plants

Not only are house plants calming to look at, but they are also scientifically proven to reduce stress. By supplying more oxygen into the home environment, these plants are helpful for one’s overall well-being. After 2020, the houseplant industry has been booming. Given the research and the aesthetically pleasing aspects, house plants can become a helpful choice for one’s health.


4. Fidget Toys 

Fidget toys are common among young children. With the late 2010’s surge of fidget spinners and fidget cubes, researchers have started to look at these toys as therapeutic tools that Individuals with ADHD or anxiety may find soothing. They can be a small distraction in a busy and overwhelming environment. In fact, the DVHS Wellness Center uses these tools to soothe students from the stress they may experience. 

“As students have become more comfortable, coming [to the Wellness Center] and just knowing that this is a safe place, they’ve kind of looked look towards [using fidget toys] as a way to relieve their stress,” DVHS Wellness Center staff, Mr. Efferem Poynter, explains. 


5. Journaling 

Although an older form of stress relief, journaling has been on the rise more than ever before. From its physical to mental aspects to wellness, journaling can be a tool for self-consolidation and a safe space for many to confide in. 

6. Online Support Groups

Having a person to share one’s thoughts may be better for some people than others. For those who prefer talking to another person over journaling, support groups on social media have been a popular option. Whether it be addiction or mental health support, there’s an online support group for almost every need. 

With these trends present, many have used these platforms and techniques to help them navigate through their hardships. It’s time to choose yours. 


7. Sound Therapy

The first singing bowls ever made were in Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago. These singing bowls have become a common tool to use as a supplement to meditation. Using their grounding sound, many have found comfort in using these tools. 

“Singing bowls have been used for many centuries by different cultures. I’ve seen many big influences use Tibetian singing bowls so it’s a big trend right now,” adds Wellness Center staff, Ms. Catherine Perez. 

It’s not only singing bowls, though, Sound Therapy centers have used tools like the singing bowl to an array of sounds for the patient. Sound Therapy utilizes sound, music, and specialist instruments played in restorative ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques to enhance overall health.

Trends can come and go, so it’s subjective to the person to decide what method works best for them. Which method will you choose for stress relief?