Dumpling 85 serves sufficient service but not flavor


Praneetha Bhogi

Dumpling 85 offers a variety of dishes, including vegetable dumplings, chicken xiao long bao, and shrimp fried rice.

Dumpling 85 is a small, rustic-modern restaurant located in the Magnolia Square Shopping Center in Crow Canyon. Replacing Sakiya Sushi, this dumpling restaurant is hidden in the corner of a restaurant-filled strip mall.


When we entered, we were met with a half-filled restaurant and a gentle hum of chatter and quiet music. Customers dined on the dark wooden tables at the front, which were dimly lit with hanging straw lamps. Each of the tables were accompanied by leather booth-style seating on one side while the other had large leather-and-wooden dining chairs to match the restaurant’s decor, which included strips of wooden paneling up the sidewall and the ceiling. To introduce modern decor that contrasts with the more traditional and unique features while also complimenting the wooden theme, white hanging lights were hung to light up the entrance, and TVs were mounted in the front, back, and the bar area to entertain customers. Though small, the great use of space gave the restaurant a cozy but open feel to it. The restaurant’s warm lighting and wooden theme added to its homey atmosphere.


As soon as we entered the restaurant, we were met with eager employees who ensured that we were seated immediately. We were given the option to either order our food online by scanning the QR codes on the wooden tables or by giving our orders to the waiter, depending on what would be the most convenient for us. Our waiter was also extremely patient as we took our time to scour the menu and checked up on us twice to see if we were ready to order or if we needed any assistance. Overall, the employees’ positive attitudes made the environment feel inviting and comfortable, especially as new customers who were unfamiliar with the menu and the dishes.

After ordering our food, it was served within minutes. The dishes were warm and presented artistically, both on the plates and on the table. During our dining experience, the employees approached us twice to ensure that we had everything we needed and that we were satisfied with our order. They also regularly cleared our table when we finished a dish so that we would have a comfortable and clean area.

The employees’ positive attitudes made the environment feel inviting and comfortable, especially as new customers who were unfamiliar with the menu and the dishes.

When it was time to pay, we were given the choice of either cash or card. Providing a variety of options, including the option of paying with cash, made it much more convenient for younger customers like us who may not have access to credit or debit cards. Overall, having multiple options for both ordering and paying makes it a viable option for dining, compared to many of the restaurants in the City Center that only accept cards.


Their menu, which was presented to us by a small pamphlet, contained dishes ranging from steamed dumplings to rice to noodles. They had a range of appetizers and some wonton soup available to order. Each section of food had a vegetarian option, such as vegetable buns and vegetable chow mein noodles. As diverse as their menu is, their pricing is more expensive than average, making it not such a suitable place for students or people on a low budget. Their prices may be comparable to the more well-known dumpling restaurant, Din Tai Fung. 


We ordered the vegetable dumplings (13.95), pork xiao long bao (14.95), chicken xiao long bao (14.95), and shrimp fried rice (17.95). Off the bat, we noticed the price of their dishes were pretty high in comparison to other dumpling places. 

Vegetable dumplings

Their vegetable dumplings came in 10 pieces. It was moderately bland, however the Zhenjiang sauce, or black vinegar, provided on the side brought much of the flavor, which made the eating experience of the dumplings more enjoyable. 

Pork xiao long bao

The pork xlb was very sweet, which threw us off guard. Typically, pork xiao long bao holds a more savory pork flavor, so the amount of sweetness coming from this dish was surprising. For this matter, we did not really favor it that much. 

Chicken xiao long bao

On the other hand, the chicken xiao long bao was very flavorful and rich. The hot broth inside the dumplings was very satisfying. After drinking the soup and adding the black vinegar sauce, the flavor was elevated. The meat was nice and tender and the dumpling wrapper wasn’t too thick or soft. 

Shrimp fried rice

For the shrimp fried rice, a nice aroma was emitted after it was served to us. Initially, it carried a deep, rich flavor of vegetables, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and soy sauce. However, the more we ate it, the saltier it became, almost making it hard to continue eating it. Additionally, the ratio of rice to vegetables was a little disproportionate, since fried rice should have more rice than vegetables. Although the vegetables were nice to have, we think there were too many to the point where it overpowered the rice itself.


As a whole, the vibe of the restaurant and the energy from the servers were very inviting and comforting. One of us enjoyed the food, while the other thought it was mediocre except for the chicken xlb, so take what you want from that. While it isn’t a place that one can visit regularly, especially for teenagers, it’s a nice place for a modest night out. We would say Dumpling 85 is a restaurant worth trying out, just since their service and a selection of their dishes are very plentiful in terms of portion size and the flavor profiles (or their overall seasonings and aromatics) were interesting. If you’re looking for a new place to try out with your friends or family, give Dumpling 85 a try!