The Sea Cadets Corps’ local C.W. Parks Battalion’s perform at their annual inspection

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  • ea Corps is a military youth program imitating experiences of the Navy, which helps develop leadership skills, communication, hard work and character. The annual inspection for the 350+ units around the nation took place Feb. 20 at the Veterans Memorial building in Pleasanton.

  • Drills are monthly activities that include color guard events, shown above, in which cadets hold the flags during the inspection. “Because of COVID we didn’t have our formal inspection the year before, but hopefully this year, we will do well also. Our biggest thing is we have a good core group of adult volunteers that do a ton of work behind the scenes that nobody ever sees,” said Spencer Boyce, the Commanding Officer of the Rear Admiral Charles W. Parks Battalion of the Sea Cadets.

  • Gavin Li, Petty Officer Second Class of the C.W. Parks Battalion, and a sophomore at Dougherty Valley, helps his fellow sea cadet fix her uniform so that their inspection happens smoothly. “What I really enjoy is actually being able to develop my skills as a leader to build other people’s characters to help other people,” said Gavin Li.

  • “We worked super hard to make sure everything was top notch, so I felt really proud about that,” said Gavin Li. “Especially the staff, they have done so much to help us prepare for inspection, so I’m sure we can do well this year.”

  • The annual inspection is their one time to show off their unit activities. It’s also a good chance to bring everyone together: staff, family and cadets.

  • Nathan Li, the Command Chief Battalion of their unit, leads the inspection. As the highest ranking Sea Cadet Corps member, he looks forward to a future in the Navy. “I got an opportunity to spend a week at the Naval Air Station and shadow the Coast Guard, joining search and rescue operations for a week,” said Nathan Li.

  • They spent the last day and a half rehearsing for the inspection. During the inspection, units get judged on their uniforms, proper haircuts, as well as completing coursework and attendance for training and drills that happen once a month. The results of the inspection of approximately 400 units will be released in August 2022.

  • Certain members of the battalion get recognized for their outstanding work and get awarded with honors.

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