Wildcat football loses two in Homecoming and Shalele Cup games


Dougherty Valley Football suffered two crushing losses in their matchups against Acalanes High School on October 17 and Dublin High School on October 30.

Dougherty Valley’s Homecoming football game on October 17 began with DV on the receiving end. Senior runningback Jesse Dean quickly scored the first touchdown of the game. After a two-point conversion, the Wildcats led the Dons 8-0.

Acalanes was able to counter the offensive attack with a touchdown, bringing the score to 8-7.   In response, DV’s Dean cut through the Dons defense and scored another touchdown before the end of the first quarter, making the score 16-7.

In the second quarter, the Wildcats gained a touchdown, increasing the score to 22-7. Unfortunately, the Dons matched DV by racking up two touchdowns, the first with a two-point conversion and the second with an extra point, tying the game 22-22 at the end of the first half.

The second half was tough for the Wildcats. Despite Wildcat defense putting strong pressure on quarterback Tyler Schenone, causing him to throw some hasty tosses, Acalanes’ receivers were able to get to the ball on time.

Acalanes scored a troublesome touchdown in the third quarter. With an increase in intensity, Dougherty looked to tie the game, but after fighting through the Wildcats’ firm defense, the Dons scored another touchdown in the fourth quarter, sealing the victory.

Although DV played hard, they were unable to match the Dons in the remaining time, losing the game with a score of 22-36.

Coach Tisa expressed that he was happy with DV’s running game, but hoped for more passing; the Wildcats ran for 350 yards but only passed for 10. Tisa believes the big hitch in Wildcats players were mental mistakes and penalties.

“If we stay away from mental mistakes, we could be a very good football team,” he said.

Although Dougherty lost the game, Tisa expressed pride in how the team put forth a strong effort.

“We played right up into the 4th quarter,” said Tisa. “We kept fighting.”

Up next for the Wildcats was rival Dublin High School on October 30.

Just seconds into the game, answering the Wildcats’ opening kick off, the Gaels ran the ball 100 yards for a touchdown.

The Wildcats received the kickoff and pushed the offense, making the Gael defensive line work. Runningback Michael Pangelinan ran the ball for a Wildcats touchdown.  With the extra point, the Wildcats tied the game 7-7.

The Wildcat defense was ready for Dublin’s offense this time.  As one of the Gaels attempted to catch a pass, he fumbled the ball. The DV players dove on the ball quickly, but not quickly enough. The Gaels recovered the fumble. But the Wildcats maintained their solid defense, blocking the Gaels from scoring again in the first quarter.

On offense, Quarterback Calvin Montano scored another touchdown, putting DV ahead of Dublin 13-7. The extra point was good once again and the Wildcats lead the Gaels 14-7 to end the first quarter.

To start the second quarter, the Wildcat defense prevented Dublin from scoring. Senior Tommy Jew kicked a field goal and the Wildcats now led the Gaels 17-7. The Gaels did not score for the rest of the half and at halftime DV led Dublin 17-7.

At the beginning of the second half, the Wildcats returned ready to win. Pangelinan scored yet another touchdown for the Wildcats, making the score 24-7. To the crowd, it seemed like the Wildcats were going to take this game.

But soon after, the Gaels returned with a touchdown, making the score 24-14, and the tables began to turn. The Wildcats weren’t able to score for the rest of the quarter, but Dublin scored yet another touchdown. The Gaels were up by 3 to end the 3rd quarter.

In the crucial 4th quarter, the Gaels showed no mercy. They scored another touchdown in the first few minutes of the 4th quarter, leading Dougherty 28-24.

The Wildcats had less than 8 minutes to take back their lead. Dublin’s defensive intensity caught an interception pass and gained possession of the ball once again. The Gaels scored the last touchdown of the game, defeating the Wildcats with a final score of 35-24.

Although many DV players were upset about the loss, they stayed positive about the game.

Senior Defensive Tackle Qivan Riley said, “ The loss to Dublin definitely affected my brothers out there Thursday night. We came off our best practice week, which is why we lead the game so early. We played as a family with lots of emotion and high energy.  Even though we didn’t win I know we as a group left it on the field.”

The Wildcats will take on Stellar Prep next, at home on November 7, in their last game.