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The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

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The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

The Wildcat Tribune

International Worker’s Day showed a new height of worker protest globally, potentially highlighting a shift in the labor movement.

A visible shift in the global labor movement is occurring

Nethra Dhamodaran, Opinions Editor May 29, 2023

On March 24, more than 1 million people demonstrated across France against pension reform. And over one month later on International Workers’ Day, 800,000 people marched again in France as a way to protect...

Despite nuclear threats, possibilities of cooperation shouldn’t be stopped.

Normalized nuclear threats show us the path to peace

Nethra Dhamodaran, Opinions Editor April 3, 2023

It seemed somewhat unimaginable until the pandemic to see a war play out with a global power involved, yet the time finally came when after years of speculation, Russia invaded Ukraine. However, even with...

DVHS World Geography and AP Economics teacher Diane Schumacher poses with memorabilia from her time teaching abroad.

Econ teacher Diane Schumacher travels the world — and then brings it back to her classroom

Grace Zhao and Allan Zhang March 19, 2023

G20 quizzes. Quartz newsletter debriefs. Investing in social entrepreneurship companies in Central America. DVHS World Geography and AP Economics teacher Diane Schumacher makes sure her students know...

Here are some of the snapshots from the 10 moments of our winter break.

Top 10 moments defining our winter break

Ekroop Kaur, Lead Copy Editor February 2, 2023

As schools closed for the winter break, the events around us continued. There were many major moments, such as the storms across the U.S and the Damar Hamlin injury, that occurred during our winter break....

Ella Lin waits to play at the 2022 Badminton World Junior Championships.

Junior Ella Lin dominates on the national badminton team

Abby Kapur, Sports Editor December 12, 2022

Junior Ella Lin placed in the top eight at the Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Junior Championships in Santander, Spain, this October, making a splash during her first year in the U.S. Junior Badminton...

Pakistan suffers from the aftermath of consistent floods, resulting in a state of emergency

Pakistan works to recover from worst flood in country’s history

Shreya Jagannathan, Features Editor October 5, 2022

Since June, Pakistan has been devastated by heavy monsoons and melting glaciers that resulted in a series of dangerous floods. Nearly one third of the nation is underwater and millions of victims have...

An illustration of two hands cusped together holding the geographic representation of Indian state Kashmir, which is colored in a blood red. The background shows a division between the Pakistan flag (left) and Indian flag (right)

A Kashmiri Pandit tragedy survivor recounts his gruesome experiences

Shreyas Sambara and Soham Kinhikar May 27, 2022

Makhan Lal Bindroo, a pharmacist in Srinagar’s landmark medical store was shot dead this past October by terrorists. His killing was the latest in a long line of persecution against the Kashmiri Pandit...

Japan plans to release 1.25 million tons of radiactive water into the Pacific Ocean in 2023.

Japan’s plan to dump radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean prioritizes money over environmental concerns

Ashley Lee, Staff Writer February 6, 2022

On April 13, 2021, the Japanese government announced that they will allow Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant operator, to release 1.25 million tons of filtered...

A group of people from many different ethnic backgrounds stand together, representing the growing increase in cultural diversity in Japan.

Reactions to Black Lives Matter protests in Tokyo expose Japan’s hidden discrimination

Owen Spargo, News Editor October 31, 2020

Black Lives Matter protests took place in Tokyo this September, which caused backlash from Japanese citizens and raised questions about Japan’s treatment of not only people of color, but foreigners and...

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