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Former Texans JJ Watt and Deandre Hopkins who have both left the Texans and joined the Arizona Cardinals separately

Houston Texans veterans depart as new executive takes over

Arya Patel, Staff Writer April 20, 2021

    TW: This story contains mentions of sexual assault and rape.  Up 24-0 in the second quarter in the Divisional round against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Houston Texans looked nigh...

Dougherty Valley sports cancelled until further notice

Dougherty Valley sports cancelled until further notice

Alina Mohammadian, Staff Writter January 28, 2021

As the second wave of COVID-19 hits, Dougherty Valley sports are cancelled to accommodate serious state safety protocols to keep athletes safe. Winter has begun and so has the second spike in coronavirus...

The women who dedicate their lives to pursue their passion, with rigorous training and mentally draining tournaments, should be acknowledged and valued for exactly that — not a fabric of clothing that they are sexualized through

Sexualized female athletic uniforms devalues women’s sports

Aria Khalique and Riya Mehta January 20, 2021

“Let's go watch the girls at the volleyball game” is a phrase probably articulated by every teen boy ever. A phrase that emphasizes how the sexualization of women in sports diminishes their value and...

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