Dougherty Dhadkan take on the Dougherty Valley football game halftime show

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  • DVHS senior, Rheeya Chakraborty, is helping fellow senior, Aryan Srivastava, fix his costume before going out to perform.

  • DVHS seniors, Omansh Bainsla and Nishanth Kankipati, are practicing their dance before going out on the football field for their performance.

  • A group picture of the Dougherty Dhadkan dance team.

  • The Dhadkan team sits together as they anticipate being called up to perform on the Dougherty Valley football team.

  • The team runs together with heightened excitement onto the field.

  • The Dhadkan team gets into formation as they begin their dance.

  • The girls on the team do part of the dance by themselves, synchronized and in formation.

  • The guys and girls come together for this dance in an energetic combination of moves.

  • After the performance is over the team celebrates through high-fives and hugs.

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