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Officer Katie Williams puts police stereotypes to a(r)rest

Photo Courtesy of the San Ramon Police Department
December 20, 2016

“I don’t want students look at me and think ‘oh no! there’s the po-po’ but instead ‘hey! Officer Williams is here to help’.” Officer Katie Williams joined the DVHS staff as the School...

Little praise for the price raise that aids (the district)

Illustration Courtesy of Brandon Shi
November 30, 2016

In the 2015-16 school year, Dougherty Valley High School’s lunch prices, along with those of all San Ramon Valley Unified School District high schools, rose from $4.00 to $4.75 with no change in content....

Finding the funnel for senior funds

Collage Courtesy of Brandon Shi and Serena Shen
Our editor-in-chief goes down the rabbit hole: where does your senior ASB money go?
November 28, 2016

“There’s money that’s labeled for ‘senior activities’ [on the senior ASB package], and we don’t know where it’s going,” senior class treasurer Christopher Bried said. Bried mentioned...

Students lack awareness of AP test financial aid

October 4, 2016

Stress and workload are naturally associated with AP courses and tests, but a concern that isn’t discussed enough is the price of an AP test. Dougherty Valley took in approximately $300,000 from its...

Letter to the editor: a teacher analyzes the “test flu” epidemic

April 15, 2016

Dear Editor: My name is Colin O’Haire.  I’m a math teacher at Dougherty Valley High School. I was quoted in the Wildcat Tribune in regards to the perceived epidemic of a growing disease labeled...

Students’ creative talents shine in the Student Recognition Project

April 14, 2016

This year, over 1,600 students competed in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District’s Student Recognition Project. With 23 diverse categories, from instrumental music to culinary arts, the Student...

Three electives that satisfy three moods

April 14, 2016

Everyone needs a break from the Dougherty workload, and electives allow students to de-stress between academically challenging courses. With the 2016-2017 school year approaching, here’s three distinct...

DV commences academic changes

April 14, 2016

During the 2016-2017 school year, Dougherty Valley will implement many changes that affect various aspects of the student body as the school adapts to new standards and new developments.  Here are some...

Cirque de Dougherte: Prom promises to exceed expectations

April 13, 2016

As the much-anticipated Prom night nears, Dougherty Valley’s student body frantically buys elaborate dresses, rents limousines and prepares for the night of their lives. However, hidden under the...

Staff of the month: Virgil Raquipiso

April 13, 2016

First, I’d like to appreciate the entire DV custodial staff, but one that’s especially impacted my life is Virgil Raquipiso, the wonderful custodian of the 2000 building. I’m guessing about 99.99...

Dougherty’s Chinese mothers lend a hand to our international students

April 13, 2016

While adjusting to an entirely new environment and simultaneously trying to keep up with studies in a fast-paced school, sometimes students studying abroad in the U.S. may find it necessary to get a little...

Student of the Month: Luvena Huo

Student of the Month: Luvena Huo
April 12, 2016

The April student of the month, Sophomore Luvena Huo, has earned the chance to try out for table tennis for the Olympics this year, bringing her a step closer to her dream of becoming the first American...

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