California Academy of Sciences: Where the Wild(cat) Things Are

Anumita Jain, Managing Web Editor

As students scramble, figuring out who they’re going to Prom with, the prom committee frantically tries to finalize everything in order to ensure this year’s Prom is the best that the school has ever seen.

Randomly selected in October, this year’s prom committee comprises of members who usually work on very different tasks during the school year.

Prom committee member Isabelle Jia states that “we’re all different people and we come from such diverse backgrounds that we … create so many different new features.”

Among the mentioned “new features” is Jia’s own contribution, a new prom sticker.

The biggest way that this year’s Prom differs from its predecessors is its location, and the adjustments that the prom committee has had to make as a result. Because the California Academy of Sciences does not allow for any extra decorations, the prom committee has had to become creative, designating various exhibits, and their contents, to serve as its decorations.

The most exciting aspect of this year’s Prom, despite its decoration conundrum, is the prospect of live exhibits being part of the dance.

Jia, and the rest of the prom committee, hope that this year’s Prom will bring various different types of students together and create an environment in which all students feel comfortable and have fun. Because the music selection of past Proms has been criticized, the prom committee is planning on offering a song request form this year to make the experience more enjoyable.

Additionally, the committee promises to have slow songs, performed by talented Dougherty students, play at least once an hour. “We’re just trying to tailor [the playlist] towards everyone,” says Jia. Auditions for the slow songs were held the week of April 17.

This Prom’s theme, “Where the Wildcats Are”, fits in perfectly with its wildlife setting. It will be held at the California Academy of Sciences on May 6.

Tickets will be sold from April 20 to May 1. With ASB, the tickets cost $90 each, and for students who do not have ASB membership and guests, tickets cost $95. In order to receive tickets, DV Juniors and Seniors must print out their Webstore receipts, fill out the agreement and waiver on Schoolloop, and visit the bookkeeper’s office to exchange them for physical prom tickets.