The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

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The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

The Wildcat Tribune

The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

The Wildcat Tribune

Cancel culture is a weapon that can be destructive and beneficial to the people.

Cancel Culture: A Testament to Human Evolution

Srishreya (Shreya) Arunsaravanakumar, Opinions Editor April 9, 2024

Dear Reader,  Is today's hero, tomorrow's villain? In today's conversation landscape, talk about the pros and cons of “cancel culture” is extensive, to put it mildly. Public figures and organizations...

The County Connection bus line, Route 35 runs through much of San Ramon, providing services near Dougherty Valley High School

Public Transit: Dreadfully Joyful

Ella Shen, Editor-in-Chief March 20, 2024

I reminisce about the joys of depressing public transit rides: its loud screeches as it shoots through the tunnels; the jarring putters of the bus’ exhaust; sitting alone in the backseat of a 30 seater...

Many people are oblivious to the decreasing quality of “reputable” news sources.

Mainstream journalism is losing its purpose

Ekroop Kaur, Lead Copy Editor December 10, 2023

A few days ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I noticed a post that read “NYT says coverage of Gaza hospital blast gave ‘incorrect impression’ of facts.” After reading the post,...

The question of the intention behind a good deed, and whether it is for the right reasons.

Are you volunteering for the right reasons?

Nishita Mukherjee, Managing Editor November 10, 2023

Picture changing a person's life. To help them in any way possible–whether that means giving them more access to resources, creating a safer space for them or donating supplies–you know you’ve made...

Despite living in a city with a majority Asian-American population, I still sometimes feel isolated in my cultural experiences.

Minority Within a Majority

Janvi Kaur, Journey Manager October 1, 2023

Every time I go somewhere, like Pleasanton, I think “We’re so lucky to be growing up in a place like San Ramon; I would feel so out of place here.” In San Ramon, we have an excessive Indian and East...

Social media addiction can drive people away from their hobbies and into a monotonous waste of time.

Why social media is harmful

Daniel Lee and Jack Ke May 8, 2023

Social Media is a waste of time. It entices users by offering to connect them with friends, being a fun place to check out funny videos and downplaying the millions of dollars they spend to make the website...

To reach a more fair and just society, it is necessary for everyone to hold teenage boys accountable for inexcusable actions.

Less excuses and more accountability

Nishita Mukherjee, Managing Editor April 28, 2023

I absolutely despise the phrase “Boys will be boys.” I am sick of hearing how men’s uncalled for actions and inappropriate behavior is merely waived because of their gender. I don’t want to have...

a silhouette of protesters holding signs; these signs are colored (blue, green, red)

They could come for you next.

Nayja Shah, Staff Writer April 23, 2023

June 24, 2022 Roe v. Wade was overturned. Why should you care? Nation-wide limitation for the abortion pill mifepristone is being discussed. Why should you care? Just in 2023, 461 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were...

Word art reading The Illusion of a Blue Bay Area.

The illusion of a “blue” Bay Area

Lauren Chen, Editor-in-Chief April 8, 2023

Recently I came across an Instagram account that made some disturbing—and blatantly false—claims. Among other issues, it argued 1) that the CDC and NIH “have no studies proving the safety of injecting...

Teenage love, while sometimes violent and harmful, can similarly be passionate and is something no one should avoid.

The insanity of love, adolescence and facing consequences

Reyna Jimenez, Staff Writer April 7, 2023

Teenage couples are a rough topic. Love, and more commonly for teenagers, infatuation, like all feelings, is unavoidable. But for the emotional teen already handling changes within the body and mind, love...

Protestors hold signs that say “Love Trumps Hate in response to anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric.

Dispelling all LGBTQ myths

Rikin Patel, Sports Editor February 27, 2023

TW: mentions of queerphobia, abuse, self-harm, violence, and genocide A dreaded culture war has now arrived at SRVUSD. Jesse vanZee narrowly beat out Michelle Peterson to win a seat on the SRVUSD school...

Under the freeway, homeless tents are lined up in San Francisco.

Where is the truth in the homelessness crisis?

Samuel (Sammy) Minioza February 2, 2023

As a Bay Area kid, tell me if these experiences sound familiar: walking across Civic Center and seeing mentally ill persons at every corner; waking up in the middle of the night to ravaged screams and...

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