COVID-19 boosts the gaming industry


Photo from Pixabay

The gaming industry saw a massive increase in sales and use as the pandemic took its hold

Due to COVID-19, the gaming industry has had an unexpected spike with the numerous hours gamers are spending in the virtual world. 

According to Statistica, 72% of teenagers play video games. A Forbes article mentions that about 70% of the US population occasionally plays some sort of video game. These numbers by themselves are very impressive, but in the current situation, these numbers have risen as everybody is in quarantine. Gaming is one of the most easily accessible forms of entertainment across the world. All we need is a device and the internet to get into the virtual world. Now, with everybody stuck in their homes due to the pandemic, people have a lot of time on their hands. A majority of that time is being spent on video games which undeniably upswings the gaming industry.

As stated by Forbes, Michael Cai, the president of Interpret, a global video game insights agency said, “Video game engagement and revenue across all platforms, including console, PC, mobile, and VR grew globally during the COVID-19 lockdown. Video gaming is considered an affordable and accessible form of entertainment for existing and new gamers across all demographic groups found emotional and social support in these virtual worlds. The digital transition that began a decade ago through digital downloads, games-as-services, and mobile app stores has paid off for the industry.” 

Another reason for the hike in the gaming industry is because of the amount of money being spent on video games. People who normally don’t buy video games are getting in the act now to relieve their stress and cope with the lockdown blues. According to Patient, a medical and health website, video games could be an overlooked tool in tackling loneliness. For instance, Stardew Valley recently introduced a co-op mode, allowing players from across the world to connect with one another anywhere at any time. This attests that video games can be used as a tool to cope with loneliness, depression, and sadness. 

Conclusively, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the gaming industry has experienced an upward spiral. Everybody gets to enjoy their favorite video games while at home, while the economy gets supported in these difficult times. It’s a win-win for everybody!