Quarantivities & Stories #12: Staying optimistic during lockdown

It can be hard to feel optimistic during this lockdown. As someone who usually tries to see the bright side of things, it has been slightly disheartening to read news reports treating this like doomsday and acting like the entirety of 2020 is “ruined,” even though we are only halfway through May. And even if I avoid those news reports, sometimes family members repeat them during dinnertime, so they feel impossible to escape. 

However, staying positive is important, especially during these times when it seems like all hope is lost. Without positivity, it is easy to get sucked into the pit of negativity perpetuated by the media and people on social media and it is harder to stay calm and sane. Therefore, here are some tips on how to stay optimistic during this lockdown.

  1. Limit your consumption of the news: Right now, a lot of news stories are acting like “doomsday” is happening, but that is obviously far from the case. The most important thing right now is staying sane and knowing the facts, not exaggerating anything. A lot of mainstream news outlets are focusing on the negatives, not the positives. By limiting your consumption of that kind of news and instead focusing on accounts that help to spread positivity, you can more easily stay optimistic during this lockdown. 
  2. Watch some upbeat shows and movies: Watching these are a great way to keep your mind distracted from what’s going on in the world while at the same time, give you a bunch of laughs. And if you find a show that has a lot of seasons, it can serve you well and help you stay optimistic during this shelter-in-place with its positive messages. 
  3. Pick up a new hobby: Hobbies serve as a great distraction, and they are also a good use of time. During this shelter-in-place, you can finally do that one thing you have always wanted to do, but never had the time to. And, once this shelter-in-place is over, you have a great story to tell others about how you learned to do that hobby. 
  4. Stay connected with your friends: It can be hard to stay connected with others right now, as we haven’t seen anyone besides our family in the past two months, and it can be easy to simply “stay in your own world.” However, it is important to continue to stay connected with your friends. They can help you stay positive and prevent you from falling into the trap of negativity found in the outside world. Keeping in contact with friends is easier than ever during this digital age, and just requires you to send them a quick message, something like “Hey, how are you doing?”. Take the initiative and plan some fun (and virtual!) activities for you guys to do. 
  5. Continue to keep a schedule: Instead of losing all semblances of a schedule now that school has become online and pass/fail, why not continue to keep one? By carefully structuring your day, you can avoid the over-exaggeration found online through social media and news sites about what is going on in the world right now, as you avoid distracting yourself with them.


Even though things may seem bleak in the world right now, it is important to continue to stay optimistic and positive. Otherwise, it makes it even harder to get through this crisis.