Pre-game Tailgate Incites School Spirit

Alexandria Montag, Staff Writer

This past Friday, our spirited Seniors expressed their inner Wildcat to the fullest at the senior tailgate. Students and teachers alike came out in support of our dedicated football team. With good food and good company, the tailgate allowed everyone to get riled up for the much anticipated game. The fun and exciting atmosphere made it truly enjoyable for everyone attending. Seniors Bianca Aceves and Kathleen Casey showed their school spirit by offering face painting at the entrance of the auxiliary gym. As students and faculty chowed down on the delicious free food provided, students were also given the opportunity to meet some of the teachers’ very own kids! Sure enough, each student made it possible for the younger Cats to share the pre-Friday night lights. As the evening went on, students came and went, and with the smell of the barbeque grill in the air and spirits high, all were ready for the game. Leadership teacher Mr. Bowen led everyone out along with his extraordinary outgoing son, Jack, by thanking everyone for coming out, supporting, and making the tailgate an overall success.