DV Football crushed by Amador Valley Dons in Homecoming game

Sneha Cheenath, Editor in Chief

On Oct. 3, Amador beat Dougherty 56-7 during the Homecoming game, but the Wildcat spirit of the crowd never lapsed. 

The first quarter started with Amador running into the end zone from 45 yards away. 

They attempted a two-point conversion, but DV senior Josh Downton tackled their runner, ending their play. 

Amador then made another touchdown across the field, from DV’s 36-yard line. This time, they had a successful two-point conversion, which raised the Amador lead to 15-0.

Head coach Tim Conrad  said that they should improve on their offensive skills by “working on our passing game and getting out in space and getting the ball into our best, talented guys’ hands so they can make things happen.”

The second quarter had an auspicious start, as Dougherty got to Amador’s 13-yard line. But what would have been a touchdown pass was intercepted and Amador ran all the way across the field into the end zone. Still, Dougherty brought it back, getting it to the six-yard line. Senior Jack Varni pushed through Amador’s defense, but the ball landed less than a yard away from the end zone. 

In the next play, the Wildcat’s O-Line soundly run blocked forward to surpass Amador’s defense and got a touchdown, as well as the extra point. Amador scored two touchdowns before the quarter ended, and the first half ended at 42-7. 

“The team came together and really fought for that first touchdown” Coach Conrad said. 

During halftime, the intense emotion and excitement of the crowd could be felt as Cheer and Song performed. The crowd had high energy, and “the atmosphere was really exciting,” Conrad said. 

The third quarter started with Amador getting a 25-yard touchdown and the extra point. Throughout the rest of the quarter, both teams had strong enough defense that no other touchdowns were scored. 

“I think as a defense, we really hunkered down and really tried to make a statement,” Conrad said. “On the offensive side, we were trying to run the ball against them, but I think they made some good adjustments as well.”

The fourth quarter followed a very similar pattern set by the third: it started with Amador scoring a touchdown and an extra point. Ultimately, Dougherty lost the game with a final score of 56-7. 

“I know the score was tough … but the boys played some really spirited football and they fought right till the end,” Conrad said. 

The Wildcats will play in their final road game and rivalry game against Dublin High School on Oct. 25.