Wildcats gain a new football coach

It’s a new football season, and with it comes a new coach, Brandon Black. As Black enters his 16th year of football coaching this season, he reflects on his recent years and his excitement for this coming season.

Despite his position as a defensive coordinator at Dublin High, Black was glad to earn a position on Dougherty Valley’s 2018-2019 coaching staff as the head coach.

Although the coach originally went to Dublin High, he claims he doesn’t feel any bad blood between his high school and his current job.

“Dublin to me is just another game, I want to win like anyone else. But no, no hard feelings,” Black said.

Black’s fascination with football began at the tender age of five. He’s been playing ever since, no matter where he lived. He believes his experiences with playing in different states, especially his alma mater, the University of North Carolina, makes him a better coach.

One thing about Black that makes him a unique coach is his relationship with his players. He believes that for any sport in general, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy relationship with players. His relationship with his teammates and fellow colleagues seems to be so valued around the football staff that coach Logan Conrad took to commenting on this.

“If there is one way I would describe [Black], it would be that he’s a ‘Players’ Coach,” Coach Conrad said.

A “players’ coach” is someone who realizes what it’s like to be a player, understands the pain it takes to play football, and builds a steady and comfortable relationship with their players.

“I would call myself a players’ coach; I think any sport in general is about the relationship with the players, so I take my time getting to know them, talking to them one-on-one, talking about things outside of football,” Black said.

The players said they prefer Black over the old coach.

“The coach this year has given us so much hope and will to keep playing,” running back Xavier Coleman, senior and varsity team captain, said.

When asked what made the current season better than previous seasons, many key players responded that the new coach made the difference.

“The new coach is hella motivating us and it’s like a fire under us,” wide receiver Eric Delgesso, senior, said.

After a rigorous summer filled with heat drenched practices, Black shares his excitement about this current season. He explains that this season’s team is hungrier for victories than ever before and he’s excited to play every Friday.

“I’m extremely excited about this, we got a great group of young men and the seniors with good leadership and they’ve done everything we’ve asked from them all summer, showed up everyday, worked really good together and they’re hungry, they’ve found that past couple years they haven’t found much success so they’re hungry, working hard and I’m excited,” Black said.