Glossier plays too much

Sheyda Ladjevardi, Photography Editor

Skincare and makeup brand Glossier launched their new line, Glossier Play, taking a more playful approach to makeup and encouraging consumers to explore the artistry and play with a range of colors and textures. The company took a multitude of steps in order to manifest the playful, childlike nature of opening up toys, but concerns have risen with regard to the effect on the environment. Each product comes in Glossier’s typical cardboard packaging in addition to a foil wrap within the cardboard casing. While the intention of this double packaging was to put an emphasis on the fun spirited attributes of the line, Glossier shoppers are getting more waste than they bargained for.


Colorslide + Blade, $15 + $4

Beginning with Colorslide, a technogel eye pencil, Glossier curates the perfect eyeliner, coming in an array of 14 solid and metallic colors. This product does exactly as it claims to, from its smooth sliding, creamy application to its opaque, pigmented finish. Comparable to the NYX drugstore eyeliner pencils, which retail between $4 and $10, Glossier’s Colorslide offers a smother application despite its higher price point. While the two are sold separately, Glossier’s Blade is often purchased in combination with Colorslide and does what one would hope for from an eye pencil sharpener. That being said, The Blade does not offer anything that any old eye pencil sharpener would not do, therefore it is cerainly not a necessity.


Vinilylic Lip, $16

Coming in six standard colors, Glossier’s Vinilylic Lip offers a high shine pigmented lip color, perfect for every day wear or buildable for an elegant night out. As ensured, Glossier perfects the ratio of pigment to shine in this glossy lacquer, more so than most liquid lip colors on the market. Vinilylic Lip provides an equitable range of colors for all skin tones, including a rich plum, barbie pink, bright orange, true red, and dark taupe to give buyers a varying selection to chose from, however it would not be a bad idea for them to eventually expand this shade range in order to appeal to a wider array of people. Similar to the MILK Makeup Lip Vinyl, retailing for $24, Glossier’s Vinilylic Lip offers a more pigmented and long-lasting finish despite containing less product.


Glitter Gelée + Detailer Duo, $16

Glossier’s Glitter Gelée, potentially the most controversial product being sold in this line, comes in 4 eye-catching colrs, ranging between a prismatic glitter with holographic specs, a gold glitter with green specs, a gunmetal glitter with platinum specs, and a copper-pink glitter with rose-colored specs. Despite the product’s well-executed jeweled effect, debate sparks out with regard to Glossier’s choice of using non-biodegradable glitter, ultimately causing detrimental impacts to our environment. While Glossier encourages buyers not to wash this glitter down the sink as a means of keeping Glitter Gelée out of our waterways, there is no way to ensure that this will prevent any harm to the environment. Glossier has stated that they are working on curating a more eco-friendly version of this product, using biodegradable glitter, via Instagram comments, but have yet to make any official announcements or changes. In spite of this dispute, Glitter Gelée makes for a dazzling glitter that can be used just about anywhere for a little bit of a glint and pairs perfectly with The Detailer, a silicone multitool. While using one’s fingers as an applicant would work just fine, The Detailer offers a more precise method of application depending on personal preference.


Niteshine, $20

Taking on a more heightened approach to highlight than Glossier’s Haloscope, Niteshine, makes for an alluring liquid highlighter, using a refined pearl powder formula in order to intensify it’s sheen in all 4 shades of the product. While Glossier’s Niteshine may not exhibit a chunky glitter glow, there is a sense of elegance in it’s subtle shimmer that appears to blend nicely into all skin tones. An additional advantage of Niteshine’s subtlety is the fact that the product is easily buildable, allowing for a more delicate or intensified look, based on preferance. Despite its seemingly small packaging, Niteshine does not require much product per application due to its impressive pigmentation. Additionally, Niteshine’s doe-foot applicator allows for a more precise application all the way from one’s cheekbones to their cupid’s bow.

While Glossier Play is not perfect just yet, the products in this line all do as promised and offer a more lighthearted and fun approach to makeup. Despite having somewhat high price points, the quality of each product is on par with what can typically be expected from Glossier. With hopes of more eco-friendly adjustments being made to some of Glossier Play’s marketing strategies and ingredients, Glossier might just be able to win back the hearts of those who boycotted the brand for creating such immense waste . An alternate buying method to purchasing each item separately, would be to purchase Glossier’s Playground set, including one of each product from Glossier’s new line, and saving a total of $16.