DV Drama preps for “LOVE/SICK”

Taylor Atienza and Amruta Baradwaj

DVHS’ Theatre Arts students have started preparations for their fall production “LOVE/SICK” to begin the 2018-2019 school year, pursuing their new theme of inclusivity and diversity while acclimating new students to the program.

“LOVE/SICK”the brainchild of playwright John Carianiconsists of nine vignettes that delve into the complexities of romance and attraction, intertwined with hints of comedy and drama. The play will be shown in the Performing Arts Center on Nov. 1-3.

“Set on a Friday night in an alternate suburban reality, this 80-minute romp explores the pain and the joy that comes with being in love. Full of imperfect lovers and dreamers, ‘LOVE/SICK’ is an unromantic comedy for the romantic in everyone,” the DVHS Theatre Arts website wrote.

Despite the fact the year has just begun, the drama program has already started preparations for the newest production. The cast of “LOVE/SICK” has already been assembled, and the first rehearsal was on Sept. 10.

Mr. Paul Vega, the Theatre Arts program instructor, explained his thoughts on potential challenges for students as they begin to prepare for the production.

“Because the play is broken up in such a specific way, [the challenge] is [the students] will have to learn how to take these small stories and create one larger theme and understand that overarching theme that occurs throughout the play,” said Vega. “Also, because so many of the scenes in this play are a little more intimate than the students are used to being, it’s getting them comfortable with being very close to a person they’re working with that they may not know.”

Vega noted that the student turnover rate is a constant, and the task of acclimating new students to the program’s expectations and workflow is a central goal at the beginning of a new season. Other focuses for the year include developing a close-knit community within the class.

“This year, I really wanna work on creating a more cohesive space. I think last year, because of the play, the cast was so big compared to what its been in the past,” said junior Lauren Ottley, Drama Club president and Drama officer. “We kind of were missing some of that family element that has been core to drama and DV theatre in the past. So this year especially, we want to make sure every single person in our casts are included and every single person in drama club and in the drama classes are included.”

Senior James Patricio, an active member of DVHS drama, expanded upon how acting in “LOVE/SICK” may be a very new experience to some students. Acting like you’re falling in love with someone that you don’t know well may be difficult for some students, but Patricio advised them to give themselves time to become comfortable acting in that setting, saying “it may be awkward at first, but the comfort grows on you.”

“Knowing Vega, he’s going to try to push you out of your comfort zone but will not force you to do anything that you are not absolutely comfortable with,” Patricio said.

When asked about why DVHS drama chose to kick off the year with “LOVE/SICK,” Vega stated that it was well-suited to their theme of celebrating diversity through their work.  

“Our goals really are to focus on inclusiveness. Both the play and the musical have people from all walks of life, and what it does is it really shows that no matter how different we appear to one another, we all have the same wants and desires and needs. So with ‘LOVE/SICK’ and in February with ‘Rent,’ we’re looking at stories that include all types of people.”