Luke Skywalker’s sexuality force chokes regressive fans

Anirudh Iyengar, News Editor

Mark Hamill’s lack of clarity on the sexuality of his character, Luke Skywalker, seized fans by the throat, with the regressives claiming that Hamill “ruined their childhood.”

Despite the growth of multiculturalism, awareness and acceptance towards the LGBT+ community, the fact is that people can’t get past homosexuality. The screams of haters justifies the regression of society and that some people dislike the progression and empathy we feel towards each other.

Sexual preference has always been the choice of an individual, and they hide it because society has implemented a system of guilt for feelings and sexuality. And while Luke Skywalker was a hero and saved the rebels from the Empire, the possibility of being a homosexual, to “fans” jeopardizes their whole view of him. His relevance to the story was apparently tossed aside.

Hamill continued to say that Luke is a symbol of hope, since he was the last Jedi; that hope was important to the story of “Star Wars”, and that him being a symbol in the story illuminated the purpose of “Star Wars”. Whether Skywalker was homosexual or not would have had no relevance to the story at all but to be an object of scrutiny to the moaning anti-gay regressives who claim Skywalker destroyed everything they believed in.

Having no other topic to moan about seems about right in today’s society. The fans angry with Hamill and “Star Wars” is proof that our efforts to move society forward have been in vain. The nerve to say that a character’s sexuality ruins your childhood merely conveys arrogance, and somewhat idiocy, which also ultimately hurts the LGBT+ community, a group of people proud of their sexuality, who have endured to be one among us all.

The point standing: characters are symbols of freedom, hope, tyranny, evil, injustice and love. Characters are meant to relate to the audience, to entertain and to stir reflection on the world. Their sexuality individualizes them. Individuality in turn progresses society into the next stage, a stage where our environment is one of love and acceptance.