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Student of the Month: Samay Dubey

Colena Mau, Copy Editor

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Senior Samay Dubey has been known for his dance skills since middle school in Windemere Ranch. He has continued his love for dance in the four years he has been at Dougherty and plans to continue his journey after graduating by joining a college team.

Dubey’s dance style is influenced by his favorite dancers and dance groups, the Kinjaz, James Brown and Poreotics, all dazzling him with their creativity.

In February, Dubey will be taking part in Dougherty Valley Drama’s musical comedy: Urinetown. He is also involved in other DV activities, such as the DV Wind Ensemble and the DV Drumline. In addition to his musical prowess, Dubey has many extracurricular activities outside of school. He is part of  private and local theater productions, Boy Scouts of America, and the San Ramon Teen Council.

“If you want to be involved in City Government, or get the rare opportunity to change a law like I got to, you should consider applying for the SR Teen Council,” said Dubey.

Dubey stated, “If dancing is your passion, don’t be afraid to go for it! I have found dance class to be an opportunity in my day to unwind and take a break from constantly sitting at a desk. This also goes for Drama, Choir, and Band. Do what you love to do.”


Q: What started your interest in dance?

A: “I took interest in dance when I was in the sixth grade. I used to watch reality Indian dance shows all the time with my parents. I’d wait to see the hip hop dances come on. The ‘popping and locking’ style was particularly popular  in India at the time; one that I have come to hold as my base style. I love the fact that there is a huge spectrum of dance genres and moves that can be conveyed to tell a story–or even simply to be visually stimulating.”

Q: Where do your choreography ideas?

A: “Ideas for choreography usually come from songs that I find could be particularly unique, or stuff that’s just fun to jam to. I freestyle and try to see what works; it’s trial and error from there.”

Q: What is your proudest moment as a dancer?

A: “My proudest moments in dance have been the moments I’ve been on stage, waiting for the lights come up. Feeling and hearing the energy of the crowd right before the song begins makes me proud to have embraced a hobby that brings joy to, not only myself, but also to the audience.”

Q: What dance clubs or groups are you part of?

A: “Right now, I am an officer for Club Choreo! Anyone who wants to dance, or even learn to dance, can come to our meetings and enjoy a fun, friendly environment to embrace their creative pursuits. There is also an Advanced Performance Crew that is hosted by the club for anyone who wishes to audition and be part of rallies and other school events.”

Q: What dance moves have you been working on?

A: “I am working on a couple of versions of the James Brown shuffle and some other fun tricks you can see at the Spring Dance Show coming soon! Keep an eye out!”

Q: What other activities are you part of?

A: “In addition to dance, I have been involved with the DV Wind Ensemble, DV Drumline, private and local theater productions, Boy Scouts of America, and the San Ramon Teen Council. If you want to be involved in City Government, or get the rare opportunity to change a law (like I got to!) you should consider applying for the SR Teen Council. Also, catch me in DV Drama’s musical comedy, Urinetown, in February! You won’t want to miss it!”

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Student of the Month: Samay Dubey