DVHS band is back together again

Kimberly Cui, Grace Zhao, and Jennifer Sheng

On Sept. 17, DVHS pep band rallied together for their first football game of the season against Mt. Diablo High School in a spirited return to in-person pep. From freshmen’s first pep game to seniors’ last year on Dougherty Valley’s pep band, band students rejoiced in the wonderful experience of sharing their music with the football game crowd.

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  • Keeping an eye on the sheet music, the drumline plays with precision under the lead of the conductor, Mr. Marc Walker. “The band has a whole lot of energy,” Walker said. “[Band is] excited to be playing again because this is their first live performance since December of 2019 and it’s a big deal.”

  • Haley Quan (12), Neha Musunuri (12), Theodosia Lim (12) and Eshna Kulshreshtha (12) contribute to the pep band in the wind instruments section. “It’s just really fun to scream your lungs out together and freeze together,” Lim said.

  • Mrs. Teri Musiel co-conducts the DVHS pep band, bringing spirit to the anticipated Friday night football games. “We go big or go home, and I always say don’t go home,” Musiel explained.

  • As the game continues into the night, pep band continues to cheer on Dougherty Valley’s football team in the third quarter.

  • Mr. Marc Walker conducts “Let’s Go Band” at each touchdown, just one of the many times when the lively tune will ring out from the stands during the night.

  • Band students socialize with each other and enjoy the football game spirit during halftime as Dougherty leads 28-22.

  • Darren Huang (9) plays the french horn at his premier pep game of high school. “I’m feeling kind of pumped because it’s my first time, and I feel like there’s a lot of school spirit that’s going around,” he said.

  • Saxophone musicians passionately play “September” to animate the September football game.

  • Abigail Lau (12) plays the xylophone, generating a contrasting jingle sound to that of the rest of the pep band.

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