DV Teacher Couple of Interest : the Tisas

DV Teacher Couple of Interest : the Tisas

In honor of everyone’s favorite upcoming public holiday, we decided to interview Dougherty’s favorite teacher couple, the Tisas, a.k.a. the Tsujisas. I sat down with them to ask them a few questions about their history and their relationship.


Q: When were you married?

Tsuji: July 25, 2014

Q: Where did you meet?

Tisa: We met at Dougherty. The principal then, Hibbard, said we would get along. It took me a year to convince Ms. Tsuji to go out with me.


Q: Are there any weird things that students do now that you’re married?

Tsuji: It was weird that people that I didn’t know saw our wedding video.

Tisa: Yeah and some people call me Mr. Tsuji.  Who’s Mr. Tsuji?


Q: How do you feel about the name “Tsujisa”?

Tsuji: I like it.  It’s kind of like a mix of heritage.


Q: Any cool things that you guys do as a couple?

Tsuji: We watch “Jeopardy” together and like to go to the movies.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Tisa: I like to think of myself as Coach Taylor from “Friday Night Lights”, and Ms. Tsuji as Tammy Taylor.